Below are some interesting stats about cloud computing.

1. Impact on Business

74% Manager and officials of tech companies have revealed that cloud computing had a great impact on their business in 2018. Cloud computing allows companies better network integration and helped in better management of the data.

2. Sensitive Data in Cloud

It is interesting and astonishing to know that 85% of enterprise data is stored in cloud services including data in DICOM cloud storage. More companies are planning to switch to cloud computing as they find it more reliable and it offers better security as well.

3. Cloud Computing in 2020

It is reported that by 2020, the spending on cloud computing will be six times more than what will be spent on other IT services. This also tells the future is all about cloud computing and cloud services.

4. Cloud Based Infrastructure

A study found out that by 2020, more than 67% enterprise-based software and IT infrastructure will be cloud. In cloud computing, the web hosting services as well as cloud storage and DICOM image cloud storage are getting more popular attracting companies as well as individuals.

5. Cloud Demand in 2019

Gartner reported in a research paper that by the end of 2019, the demand for cloud services will increase by 18% taking the $209 billion industry to $250 billion. We can expect to see more cloud-based services in tech sector as well as other sectors.

6. Popularity of Clouding

You may be wondering what is driving cloud-based services so increasingly. The people have responded in this way. 42% voted for data anywhere, 38% for disaster recovery, 37% for better flexibility and 36% for reducing burden on IT servers and staff. These are the reasons why cloud services will become more successful in future.

7. Cloud Computing Market

Experts had predicted five to six years ago that by the end of 2018 the cloud marketing including DICOM cloud storage will be worth $80 billion. However, the stats show that it has crossed $200 billion at the end of 2018 and will even cross $250 billion this year, in 2019. This also shows cloud services are expanding way faster than experts had predicted.

8. Worldwide Spending

When it comes to the worldwide spending on cloud services, it was over $70 billion just in 2017 and reached to $90 in 2018. The US government is the biggest user of cloud services as they are using cloud in a lot of sectors and public departments.


9. The Future is All About Cloud

At this moment, the world has realized that future is all about cloud. More than 25% bosses at the companies, not using cloud, have showed willingness to switch to cloud services for data storage. They believe it offers more protection and better data security as compared to other services.

10. Biggest Challenge

It has been confirmed the cloud services are expanding and define future. At the moment, many companies are not switching to cloud because according to them the biggest challenge is the lack of resources and expertise. Companies don’t have required number of experts with cloud skills and experience.


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