3 Things New Parents Must Not Carry While Travelling
3 Things New Parents Must Not Carry While Travelling

The parents should get a medal for flying with newborns. This is an exhausting parenting task, with full hands, hefty bags, and nasty stares. We can’t help you manage dangers like using the aircraft toilet while carrying a newborn (good luck). We also can’t give you a checklist of baby travel essentials. There will lot of baby shopping websites on the internet that does so. But as every family is different, it mostly depends on the individuals!

However, I can suggest to you things you shouldn’t carry with you while travelling. I’ve travelled a lot with my baby, and I’ve found these 3 things unnecessary while flying.

So, let’s end the chitchat and get started 3 things below.

#1. Feeding Supplies

Spoons, bibs, placemats, and plates are all included in many infant travels needs lists. I once packed utensils but never used them. Why? We were staying in Airbnbs and motels with tiny kitchenettes. And we mostly went out to dine. So, these things weren’t necessary.

Even if your baby is accustomed to the lovely silicone-tipped spoon you use at home, save a couple plastic takeout spoons or just use the metal spoons. He won’t mind at all.

I generally feed the baby to keep the mess contained when it comes to bibs, placemats, and plates. You may use a hotel washcloth or paper towel instead, and you won’t have to bother about cleaning.

#2, Infant Toiletries

Baby toiletries include fingernail clippers, shampoo and body wash, baby lotion, a baby-specific brush or comb, baby oil, a nasal aspirator, and other things you may require on occasion. Leave them at home unless you’re going to be gone for more than a month.

The day before your vacation, trim your fingernails. Accept the fact that you won’t be washing the infant every day, and that’s OK. If your kid has a cause to particularly need one of these things (for example, she has dehydrated skin and requires lotion regularly), only buy the affordable organic baby products to save both money and space.

#3. Baby Bath

I’m amazing at how often I see baby bath on lists of infant travel necessities. Even the most portable baby bath isn’t something I’d want to take with me all the time.

There are variousways to do this, but my personal favourite is to just take a bath with the infant. We get some skin-to-skin snuggles if we stay someplace with a bathtub, and everyone wins.

When there isn’t a bathtub available, I perform the same thing in the shower.It’s usually beneficial to have your spouse around to assist so you can give the baby out when she’s finished and enjoy some shower time alone.


That’s it. You can take my word for it. Don’t bring these 3 things when you’re already burdened with so many things while travelling with your newborn.

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