Dark brown kitchen cabinets are gaining immense popularity in the recent year and they are a brilliant option to redecorate your kitchen this year. The dark colored cabinets easily adjust with the predominant color of your house. They match the flooring and lighting effortlessly giving you an ultra-modern look for your kitchen. These dark wood cabinets create a lasting impact providing an air of sophistication to your kitchen. We have put together a few trending dark brown kitchen cabinet ideas for you.

The Maple Kitchen Cabinets

The maple kitchen cabinets add a sparkle to your remodeling project, eliminating all dull and boring options. These cabinets usually feature a burnt sienna look that adds a level of richness to your kitchen. Opting for wholesale kitchen cabinetswill allow you to strike an affordable deal for your dark brown kitchen outlook. Remodeling projects at home turn out to be pretty expensive and this is a cost-effective way of approaching the whole thing. The mitered doors, raised trim accents, a full-extension glide system and hardwood dovetailed drawers of the maple kitchen cabinets add an elegant look to your kitchen. These cabinets seamlessly adjust with the dishwasher, sink, stove and other décor in the kitchen.

The Walnut Kitchen Cabinets

Make your kitchen more appealing without compromising on the quality with the walnut cabinets this year. They feature a solid chocolaty, nearly reddish-gray brown shade for the kitchen and are a practical choice for your home renovation project. The walnut cabinets add a warmth and richness to your kitchen, heightening the very essence of cooking delicious food for your family. With time, the rich chocolaty hue of the kitchen cabinets gets mellowed down, giving you the opportunity to enjoy timelessness at home. If you opt for wholesale kitchen cabinets, these come in at a much economical deal and you can save money while adding a touch of elegance to your kitchen. You can add more sophistication and detail to your kitchen with the subtle rustic appearance of these walnut cabinets. This wood is characterized by bold lines making them one of a kind and creating a lasting impression on your guests.

The Toffee Kitchen Cabinets

Add the smoothness of the toffee shade to your kitchen and stand out amongst your neighbors and friends. The warm toffee color easily grabs the attention of anyone who walks into the kitchen. You can opt for RTA cabinets (Ready to Assemble) to play around with your creativity. You can fix each element yourself, giving you the opportunity to be both cost-effective and creative at the same time. It is easy for you to choose appliances and lighting options with these toffee hued kitchen cabinets as they can accommodate any shade effortlessly. If you choose wholesale kitchen cabinets, they generally offer you dovetailed drawers coupled with full extension soft close drawers. This provides an added smoothness to your kitchen making it all the more appealing.

The Café Vienna Kitchen Cabinets

These cabinets can be easily categorized as one of the darkest brown shades to opt for your kitchen remodeling this year. The Café Vienna cabinets feature a rich, dark chocolaty shade that complements any kind of pre-existing décor. These cabinets easily catch the eye of your guests with their dark brown shade, making them irresistibly gorgeous and elegant. The dark wood provides a versatile look that can complement any variety of backsplash or countertops. These dark cabinets will pair well with the modern look of your household, helping you keep up with the changing times. You should think of coupling this very dark shade of cabinets with a lighter backdrop. You can opt for a lighter shade for the counter tops, kitchen appliances, marble-work and lighting.

The dark brown kitchen cabinets enhance the upcoming modern designs for the household. You can easily put together a compelling and sophisticated kitchen with the dark hued cabinetry when remodeling the house. They give a natural appeal and help you make a bold style statement through your kitchen.


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