Ah, the wonderful fleece! It helps to retain the energy that our body releases. Hence, fleece is incorporated into jacket making as it can provide the maximum amount of warmth. If you love women’s fleece jackets, you are going to love reading this article. I say so because today we will be talking about some of the best fleece jackets for women in terms of providing warmth, breathability, and protection against winter. Let’s take a look at the fleece jackets.

Arc’teryx Kyanite Hoodie

This fleece hoodie jacket is durable and very stretchy with excellent wicking ability. The layer of the fleece is thin and resilient to icy gust. This is because the nylon mesh helps to prevent the wind. Wearers say that this jacket can work in bitter months very well, especially during hiking. The length of the arm is quite significant and covers the wrist. As the material is stretchy, you can cover your entire hand without any glove liners. Also, the jacket doesn’t weigh much.

Under Armor Wintersweet

Under armor wintersweet, half zip 2.0 jacket is made of polyester fleece and is an affordable option if you aren’t a fan of purchasing an expensive one. The warmth it offers is surprising, considering the price range. Even with generous usage, the jacket doesn’t stink or strain. It also stays dry even under exposure to rain and dampness. It is incredibly tensile and durable and resists water or moisture all day long, no matter how light or strenuous your activities are.

Voormi Access NXT Pullover

The Access NXT pullovers are one of the best types of fleece in the market. It is water as well as stink resistant. The wool the jacket is made with has warming properties when they get wet. The pullover has a DWR coating, and that’s precisely why the fleece repels water keeping the jacket surface dry as a desert. A jacket like this is suitable for work, casual outings, and hiking. While tested, the jacket showed the extreme result of resistance in horrible weather conditions like wind, blizzard, etc. The jacket is surprisingly soft to touch and feels very cozy when worn. Not only that, but the pullover is exceptionally durable even against abrasive texture. Another best thing about this jacket is that it is totally odor resistant. A little pricey than the other fleece jackets, but it’s only the best!

Topo Designs Mountain Fleece

If you are a fan of recycling goods, which everyone should be, Mountain Fleece is the one you have been looking for. The jacket took a classic turn with a slightly more fitted cut. The fleece is cozy enough to enjoy camping at night or going out at night. Now, let’s talk about the 100% recycled polyester and nylon blend that makes the jacket durable and warm. The jacket is also wind resistant and perfect for windy days. The ribbed cuff sleeves and reinforced elbows retain the warmth on colder days.

There you have it! A few best fleece jackets for you ladies. For hiking, choose Voormi Access NXT Pullover; for warmth, choose Arc’teryx Kyanite Hoodie, for women’s rain jackets, choose Under Armor Wintersweet for a jacket made with recycled material, choose Topo Designs, Mountain Fleece.


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