That burning debate, online shopping vs in-store shopping! Nowadays most people will vote for online shopping. In-store shopping is indeed fun and you can try and choose products based on your shape, size and taste but online shopping has a different set of advantages which we will take about in today’s topic.

As a woman, I am a bit biased about online shopping if I’d be honest, really honest. The things I mostly do is online shopping for women’s clothing. As an online shopper and a working woman, I find it extremely useful to order my clothes from my favorite online stores and get back to work. See, multitasking! With that being said let’s discuss why online shopping has gained so much popularity.

1. Convenience

Imagine this scenario, you need some emergency shopping done but you are stuck at somewhere more important. Does the scenario ring any bell? Of course, it does, we have all gone through that You will take out your phone, visit the site or open the app and then order. And voila! Your goods will be delivered fast. Doesn’t matter if it’s Sunday or Friday or whatever you know you can always order and forget. If you are a lazy gal which is not a shame, you don’t even have to drag yourself out of your bed/couch and get properly dressed to go out and shop. So, just wear your PJs, grab a mug of coffee, and start shopping.

2. Return backs

While some in stores are generous and accept return backs, most stores don’t. They have this no return policy applied once you buy something. This could be annoying because you end up buying a dress with your hard-earned money and later realized that the dress has some defects. You are doomed! To combat this problem, online shops and stores provide return backs and thus save you from agony.

3. Saving some money

I am all about saving money and if you are like me, you’d choose online shopping as your go-to option. While most walks in shops provide you discounts, online shops have you charmed in various ways such as a discount on signing up to the site, coupon vouchers, gift cards, and whatnot. In short, you can shop and save money to grab your favorite smoothie.

4. Privacy

Cause hell yeah we need privacy while we shop. Imagine you are shopping and run into an unpleasant person that you would normally avoid at all costs or you are surprise-shopping for someone and they are emerging. You would wish you hadn’t gone shopping that day. With online shopping, you have no chance of letting people know about your whereabouts.

5. Gifting someone

Forgot someone’s birthday, baby shower, or worse – your anniversary? No problem. You can quickly buy things and have them delivered at the doorstep of your loved ones. Happy them, happy you!

These are my top reasons why to prefer online shopping. While online shopping is thrilling it can have drawbacks too. The never-ending debate will never stop because they both are great. It’s just a matter of preference. With that being said, check out womens online clothing shopping site, Crowned Elegance.


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