Want to buy a new or used road bike? Consider these things before pulling out your credit card.

1. Know Its Purpose

Before you buy a bike, it is extremely important to know the purpose that it serves. When you talk about road bikes, there are several purposes that it could be used for such as; commuting, recreation, touring and racing. However, it is necessary to determine the reason for which you need a road bike. Once you have made your mind and if that purpose is served by the road bike then move forward to the next step.

2. Do Good Research

Rather than visiting a single shop and buy a new or used road bike from there, make sure you do good research in the market and compare the rates, quality and features of the bike that you are interested to buy and then choose the most reasonable and the most suitable one for yourself. This is an important step because road bike investment is not much inexpensive so you should know it very well that what are you buying and is it actually worth the amount that you are going to pay?

3. Materials Used To Make the Bike Frame


The frame of the bike is the main thing to look for in when buying used bikes for sale USA. There are generally two choices for frame materials i.e. carbon fiber and aluminum.

Carbon-fiber – Bikes made with this material are likely to be much more comfortable for the riders. Moreover, they also absorb the vibrations of uneven roads hence provides a smooth ride. Because of high labor work required for the manufacturing of this frame, it is much higher in price.

Aluminum – These are also vibration absorbing and comfortable but not more than carbon-fiber. Aluminum framed bikes are usually cheaper.

Tip: Aluminum frame usually attracts and suits those who intend to ride a cycle for fitness and fun whereas, if you are looking for a robust one then carbon-fiber would great for you.


4. Bike Components

While you are checking out a bike, make sure that you check its key components as well to see whether they are functioning properly or not. Chief Key components of a road bike are:

  • Wheels including the rims, spokes and axles.
  • Drivetrain including the chain, gear levers, brake levers, rear cassettes and the crankset.
  • Brakes
  • Seats and seat posts
  • Handlebars
  • Pedals

If any of the aforementioned things do not work smoothly then ask the seller about it so he may lubricate it but if they still don’t work properly then there is no need to waste your money on the wrong piece.


5. Size

The size of the bikes especially the adjustment of the seat is the thing that has been observed being complained by the buyers. So, before you buy the bike ensure that you get the correct size of it and your hands and feet can easily reach the handlebars and pedals. Also, don’t forget to check the seat adjustment by sitting on it so that if there is any problem, the seller would adjust it for you.


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