Since we are talking about school bus rentals, let’s talk about something unusual. Did you know that school buses aren’t only for children? They can be used for grown-ups as well. So kids, don’t be surprised if you see your parents along with other parents traveling by school busses. If this piece of information surprises you, prepare to get more surprised. Today, we will be discussing some interesting facts about school buses that will surely blow your mind. So, sit back and enjoy the read.

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1. There’s A Reason Why It’s Called Omnibus

The term bus is derived from a Latin word omnibus, “for all” in English. Coaches were the first form of transportation that anyone gets access to, and thus it got the name. The term omnibus got shortened to speak easily. See, I told you buses are for all!

2. The Word Horsepower for Motor Vehicles Has an Origin

Just like carriages, school buses were drawn by horses. They weren’t even called school buses. The carriage-type vehicle had a unique name called “school hacks” or “school trucks.” The school hacks started around 1886, which were drawn by horses. These special carriages were used for students who lived far away. As most children walked to school, there wasn’t a need for school trucks back then. As time passed, more and more people started using school trucks. The exit door used to be in the back, for preventing horses from getting startled. Even buses today kept the pattern identical by putting a back door for emergencies.

3. Early Motor Buses Didn’t Have Row Seats

In 1914, motor cars and buses started to gain recognition. Horse-drawn carriages were transformed into motor engines. But the children used to sit around the outside of the bus facing into the middle. The school buses back then didn’t have a row of seats like modern buses of today.

4. Seat Belts Aren’t a Safety Caution

School bus seats with taller seats are designed to keep kids safe. Term compartmentalization is used for this type of seating arrangement. The closed arrangement protects the kids like an egg carton keeps the egg safe. But this only works for school buses. You still need to wear seatbelts in a car.

5. Not All School Buses Are Boring

Most school buses use the same shade of orange/yellow in the western countries for road safety. Yellow is eye-catching, so it’s easily visible to other drivers and pedestrians. That isn’t a bad thing even though it looks a bit monotonous appearance-wise. However, in Japan, the school buses aren’t painted in yellow. They use various colors and shapes like cats, trains, Pikachu, Hello Kitty, etc. These patterns are appropriate for children and quite eye-catchy.


These are some of the interesting facts that I bet you didn’t know before. Which one out of these five facts did you find interesting? Do let me know. As for me, I found fact number 2 interesting.


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