DIY projects are the rage these days, simply because it cuts down your costs and gives you a feeling of self-satisfaction, especially when it comes to home improvement. BUT, can you actually do all the DIY projects storming the internet? The answer is no. Read below to find out which DIY projects you should NOT do yourself.

1. Tiling

It sure seems like an easy task, after all, you just need to spread the caulk mixed with cement, align the tiles together, let it dry and put grout and Ta-Daa, you are done. Not so fast. A clean and good looking tile placement requires planning, alignment and also measurements. Even after you do thorough planning, there will be points and crannies you are sure to miss. Why on earth there are professionals out there if you can do everything yourself? You will need to cut tiles around spaces such as corners, faucets, curves and many other places which you surely cannot do it perfectly. So it’s better to leave this for the experts.

2. Electrical Fixtures

YouTube makes everything look as if even a child can do it while some things even adults shouldn’t even try, such as electrical fixtures. Ask yourself first, can you injure yourself? In case of electrical DIY projects, yes you can and if the wires are of a different color or state than what you have watched, then do not even touch.

3. Dishwasher Installation

Apart from the electrical installation of a dishwasher, there are many other aspects as well. Installing a dishwasher sees like a no-brainer nut you have to drill holes, take safety measures to avoid tile breakage and damage to the countertops as well. Afterwards you have to fix the sink and faucet too. The drainage lines and water lines also have to be installed and fixed which are best if left for the experts.

4. Roofing

A small leak on the roof seems like a job for an amateur but stay clear as it is not an easy task. You may get hurt while climbing the ladder and fixing the roof. Repairing roof leaks or cracks is not very difficult but involves precautions and is dangerous.

5. Paint Job

You may think that painting your own walls, furniture or kitchen cabinets is a very easy job, but it could actually turn into a worst job. If you are not handy with a paint brush and the right strokes then your walls may show the light and dark paint colors and messy strokes which will be visually unappealing.

6. Removing Wall

Removing a wall is easy right, you just have to break it. NOT RIGHT! The walls may have hidden gas pipes, water lines or internal electrical wiring which you could be unaware of and breaking it may lead to big disasters and potential accidents and also financial loss. The experts check for internals in the wall and then break it if does not lead to structural changes in the house.

Also, never remove renovation or remodeling debris yourself unless you have experience in it. Get guys from any junk removal Long Island NY service to do it for you.

If you don’t want to get in trouble by throwing something in the trash that is illegal to do so, bringing in junk removal Manhattan NY services is a better idea.


If you love binge watching home improvement shows, then it’s better to just enjoy it and leave the rest of the work for the professionals.


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