Changing your style and way of thinking of shopping to a more ecofriendly method is a great way to save our earth. Shopping can produce a lot of waste but with these tips, you can easily change your way of grocery shopping.

1. Bringing Your Own Bags

Taking your own bags to shop for your groceries is the best way to save plastic from the atmosphere. Lowering their demand can result in much less wastage of these products. Buy an organic cotton bag that can carry your grocery or items of shopping. Not only that but you must also make sure that you have enough bags to carry the items you want. You can easily find these bags online in abundance.

2. Don’t Choose Plastic

Plastic is the most hazardous to our environment that’s why you must avoid it completely to have zero waste shopping. As said before, use cotton or cloth bags for shopping rather than plastic bags. Not only that choose items that have metal, glass or paper packaging on them. Chances are that these three materials actually get recycled as compared to plastic which has a 9 percent recycling rate. Choose any material over plastic to have quality and eco-friendly shopping.

3. Avoid the Things That You Know Are Going To Be Trashed

Cutting down on your wastage is the sole purpose of your shopping then why go for the products that you know will be bad and end up in the trash. Paper list, receipts, stickers and all this stuff are bound to end up in the trash and damage the environment.

4. Bring Your Own Reusable Cup

When you are out for a coffee, you don’t want to use their generic cup that can be trashed. Bring your own cup when you want to drink coffee on-the-go. There are a lot of reusable coffee travel mugs that you can buy either online or from your local retail store. These mugs can handle your coffee with zero waste being produced.

5. Ask the Store for Their Recycle Policy

There are a lot of stores that support the ecofriendly, zero waste shopping. For this reason, you must ask the shopkeeper if they have recycle policies available. Make sure that you take part in these programs. Most of the times, there are empty stuff return policies in stores where you can return empty bottles, bags or other reusable stuff to them so that they can recycle them in order to decrease the demand for their production.

6. Use the Refills

For zero waste shopping, you might want to reduce your plastic footprint which means buying as less plastic as you can. If you have something like a detergent bottle or soap pumps, then you can look for a refill station to refill the bottles without even having to trash the older bottle. This will do a great benefit to the ecosystem and environment.

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Even small steps towards environment-friendly shopping will benefit the whole system altogether. Make sure to follow these tips and add some more effort to reduce the waste from shopping.


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