After buying a new car, you should also ask the dealer to share some tips regarding the new cars. If they don’t, you should not be worried. We have covered you with this post.

Keep reading what things you should do after buying a new car with cash.

1. Read Car Manual

Whenever you will buy a new car, you will be provided with a car manual. This manual is like the Bible. All the important details, information, instruction, care and maintenance tips, and other details are included in the manual. If you have problems somewhere, you can take help from the manual. But you must read the manual carefully once after bringing the new car to home. You will understand your car better and can take better care of it.

2. Fill Fuel to Top

A new car comes with 5 liters of fuel when it is delivered. However, you should take the car to the station and top up the tank before starting any rides or checking it. Filling up the tank in the first ride will let you determine the fuel economy, mileage and what distance it covers. Check the pressure of the tires and make sure they have required pressure.

3. Drive for Extended Time


Everyone loves to drive and test their new cars. You should love your car and experts recommend that you should use it for an extended time period initially. This will be good for the car and you as well to understand your car. You will also learn to handle and manage your new car. Ultimately, you will become more familiar with your new friend, the new car.

4. Use All the Buttons

The specs and features of the new should be tested as early as possible. Before you drive the car for a longer trip, you should test and check all buttons, features, and tips. This will make you more knowledgeable about your car and you will know what to do in a certain situation. You may take help from the user manual that lists everything for the new drivers and people who buy a new car. Get as much familiar with your car as possible.

5. Get Insurance

Whether you bought a new car or an old one, it is new to you and according to the law, you should get its insurance. So first call your insurance agent and inform him about the new car you have purchased. However, before you decide to get its insurance, you must check the insurance prices and compare them. This will help you get a better idea of the insurance and where you can get better insurance deals.


6. Schedule Maintenance

Buying a new car is easy, it’s care and maintenance is difficult and also the important part. If you want your car to last longer and keep functioning in perfect condition, you should get it repaired regularly. Set a reminder for every month when you will take your car for wash, service, and repair. Get help from a skilled and experienced technician and don’t change the technician every month.


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