1. Studying with Google

Google can be used to help you study for your exams and assignments. Simply enter “site:edu [subject] exam” and find a variety of different exams with solutions to study effectively.

2. Notifications

Notifications can be bothersome and often irritating as complained by many internet users. With the new notification management features available, they can be easily silenced to let you surf in peace. Enter settings on either your Gmail, iOS or Android device and switch on the “alerts only” option. You can always turn this feature off once you feel like it.

3. Voice Commands

One way to cut out additional work is to rely on voice commands or voice recognition which is offered by both Windows and Mac. A simple search for “windows speech recognition” in the start menu for Windows or the dictation tab in the keyboard in your Mac and enjoy reaching out to your device without interacting much.

Google offers the feature of voice recognition and dictation as well. Typing long emails or text not only consumes time but is prone to flaws in the document, reducing the effectiveness of what you wish to deliver ahead.

 In summary, voice commands can be used to:

  • Produce and send documents quickly
  • Customize experience
  • Make your processes efficient
  • Provide a higher chance of an error-free result

4. Cutting Down On Distractions

There are many distractions available on the internet apart from notifications and these impede upon your desired objective to surf the internet. A simple, yet efficient tech hack is to follow only the people you find necessary. Clogged social media sites can often absorb most of your time and this counts as an unhealthy habit.

5. File Format Conversion

If you want to convert PDF to JPG online free or JPG to PDF or PDF to Excel, then using an online tool is the best way. Just upload files and get the converted file.

Many people who are keen to convert PDF to JPG online free use it. You can too.

How to do it? Just write something like “convert PDF to JPG online free” or “jpg to pdf converter free” and you’ll get plenty.

6. YouTube and Podcasts

Wish to watch more videos and podcasts but feel constrained by time? Worry no more because you can always utilize the speed feature available to watch more content in less time.

7. Reboot

Have you considered restarting your programs to escape a congested operating system? Completely reset everything whether it is Windows, iOS or your browser; make the decision and reboot all the systems to enjoy a speedy and organized setup. With everything going haywire, a wonderful experience can transform into one that is regrettable. A word of caution, however, is to save important data beforehand to avoid wiping your necessary information, so be careful.

8. Keyboard Shortcuts

The significance of keyboard shortcuts is not stressed upon as it should be since people oblivious to these tech hacks spend more time on the internet compared to individuals who gain benefit from these shortcuts. Some of these are listed below:

You can jump between tabs in Chrome by holding down “ctrl” and then tapping the number of the tab you want access to.

Press “ctrl+shift+v” to avoid formatted text getting in your way.

Create customized shortcuts on your windows or Mac device to type effortlessly.

Did you accidently close an important tab? Reopen by pressing “command+shift+t” on your Mac or “control+shift+t” on a windows device.


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