The feeding bottle is very vital for the babies who used to take the formula milk. But the mother often gets problems when she goes selecting a feeding bottle for the baby.

So, it might be a great question which one will be good for the baby’s health. Also, which one will be easy to use? In the below segment, we will discuss glass and plastic bottles and present a comparison between them.

So, before you look for the infant to toddler rocker, let’s read the below content till the end and select the best one for your kid.


We must say that the glass feeding bottle is durable. But most of the mothers do not prefer to purchase glass bottles. Also, most of the mother says that the glass bottle is a little bit heavier and has tended to break.

That is why they avoid using a glass bottle. However, a mother always wants to ensure the best thing for the kid and, of course, the healthy stuff. From this point of view, a mother should select a glass bottle than the plastic one.

Usually, plastic bottles are not that healthy. We can understand that the glass bottle tends to break, but if you ensure the glass bottle, it will greatly improve your baby’s life.

Healthy Option

Here we will try to present that why glass feeding bottles are healthy than plastic bottles. Well, the glass bottle does not come with harmful BPA. And the BPA is not for the baby’s health. Even it is not suitable for the older person as well. Now let’s talk about the cleaning process of these two bottles.

Well, it is not possible to clean the plastic bottle properly. Even in the plastic bottle, there will be some milk particles that turn into bacteria. Moreover, it is very easy to wash the glass bottle with warm water. 


In the above segment, we have mentioned that why the glass bottle is good than the plastic bottle. Here, we will present the hygienic issues for you. If someone gives you water to drink in a bottle with a bad smell, then what you will do. Of course, you will not like it, and it will not be for your health as well.

Everyone knows that the bad smell means germs. So, if you cannot remove the bad smell from the baby’s feeding bottle, how will you ensure the hygiene food for your kid? Here, the glass bottle can be the best choice for you.


The baby does not like to drink cold milk. So, you have to make the milk warm before you give it to the baby. Here, the glass bottle will be the best option for warm milk.

Yes, you can warm the glass bottle in a warmer very easily. Most of the warmer does not overheat the glass bottle; that is why you do not need to be worry that the milk is overheated or not before you give it to the kid.

You need to take proper care of your baby. You should purchase proper baby care product. You can search online for any product like water battle to baby monitor Wi-Fi camera. This is an easy and effective way to purchase anything now-a-days.


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