On the eve of the New Year, the mobile phone companies are also providing some special deals for their users. As a result, if you’re in Australia these SIM plans for you then you’ll find your desired information regarding Telstra SIM only mobile plans that means. When you find many carriers and providers, it’s simple to be confused with a lot of SIM plans. You’ll find some providers in Australia apart from the main three carriers like Telstra, Optus, and Vodafone. It means that a wider range of deals are waiting from these providers when you have so many options to choose from. So, we’re here to help you to get the best one for you to continue reading the entire article to learn more about them. But, we’ll learn about how you can switch to your new SIM-only phone plan before we proceed.

Switch to Your new SIM Only plan

As a user, you may find switching phone plans time-consuming and complex issue. But, as we’re here to you’re your thing surprisingly simple and easy, you should not be worried. In addition, if you have spent a lot of time previously for your new plan then you’ll find it gets done in only ten minutes at highest. And if you like to move your phone number from one provider to another then in most cases you’ll need only five minutes. In this case, you need your current phone account, your own phone, and your driver’s license (or any other similar ID).

Get Changed Your SIM Only Plan

Now, while shopping for a new plan for your phone, let’s know some steps to complete the process. At the start, you have to place your order you have by visit your provider’s website. With required details, you have to fill up the application form and if you order a postpaid plan then you have to run a quick credit check. In return, within a few days, you’ll get a new SIM card by mail. Also, you have to activate it by visiting your vendor’s website when you’ll get the SIM card. And you need nothing to do but waiting and the rest of the process is done within a short time when you have done this step.

Now, we’ll learn about some cheap prepaid mobile plans providers in Australia in short.



It’s one of the best providers and comes with some great value pack with local support. It’s not a problem that it has solid no-contract plans, but you’ll get some biggest data pack if you like to continue at least 12 months.

Virgin Mobile


It’s true this is a small mobile service provider, but it has awarded from Money Magazine and Product Review. That means it has consistently beaten out the big providers in its own way.

Boost Mobile


This provider is one of the best choices by the Australians that come with a lot of offers. But, they’re more dedicated to help the people and they offer free mobile phone services for them. Also, you’ll find some bigger data pack for longer commitments for the contract options.


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