So you have a business in the automotive industry then you need a good data provider. You need to make sure your data provider has a vast data collection of car parts & VIN and other information. So what makes a good car data provider good? Well, there are a few different factors that make a provider good. Here in the following passages, we will be discussing a few of the criteria. If you have a data provider where you had to face disparate naming conventions and issues with style/vehicle IDs, then odds are you are not satisfied. The traits in the following passages are what makes a good car data provider.

Updated Database

The automobile industry is ever changing as new models and car part updates are ever present. In modern business, you need to have a database of VIN records. You need this to be updated, you need to have VIN records for new cars and their parts before the dealerships even get the car in. This is how you can always be ahead of the development curve. This is a vital step for your business if you want to succeed. Make sure your car data provider always updates the database and gives you the latest updates.

All Sector Coverage

So you have a data provider who covers a specific type of vehicle fully, or maybe your vehicle data provider covers every vehicle your business encompasses but not every car. That is not a sign of a good data provider. Make sure that your data provider is able to provide you with any and all information/data should you require it. This may not hurt you when you are starting out but when expanding your development will be halted if your data provider doesn’t have an updated database.

Good Technical Support

Noting is perfect in this world. No matter how good the product or service touted to be great it isn’t perfect. Your data provider should be able to deliver you high quality information with the minimal of errors. And if there is some sort of error the data provider should be able to provide full unhindered support to your business. A quick response time and an urgency to update you on the situation is what makes a good data provider great.

Pricing Fairly

Your data provider should be upfront about pricing. There are many VIN records and car parts data providers who entice clients with a low price. After integration they hike up the price. This is not the business of a good data firm. You should be aware of the price changes beforehand. Make sure your data provider informs you about any price changes that may be necessary due to the economic environment.

You Need the Trust Factor

Your data provider should be your partner in development. As your business grows your data provider should be able to supplement you and your growth. If the data provider just increases the rates yearly, then you shouldn’t trust that firm. So what do you look for in a good automotive data provider? Well, for any good data provider they must have up to date car parts, VIN and model data. Here are some questions to determine the best vehicle data:

  1. Who are the current tier one data providers for VIN decoding and other data (OEM direct) for North America?
  2. Does the vehicle data follow OEM brand-compliant standards?
  3. What kind of SLA is offered?
  4. How do products compare (favorably/unfavorably) to what you have now?
  5. What is the average support response time? What does the support experience look like (even under trial)?
  6. Is the data vendor knowledgeable about your business and can they offer recommendations or advice related to migration and/or your upcoming product planning?
  7. What does new car data release timing look like?
  8. Is data offered through web service APIs and/or database delivery?
  9. What would be a mapping from your current vehicle data provider’s vehicle/style ID, to that of another vendor, look like? Are these very different or substantially similar

And there you these are the things you should look for in your next data provider. Find yourself a trusted data provider using the above mentioned methods and you will be on your way t success.


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