We have covered some surprising and gruesome facts about COVID-19 earlier. However, some myths need to be debunked because myths rise to confusion and more panic. We are in a state of panic anyway; we don’t want more. There these myths need to end. COVID-19 is not going anytime sooner, and this the biggest fact you need to know to see a clearer picture. You might have heard a lot of theories and misconceptions about coronavirus from social media platforms, friends, and family members. It’s high time we need to debunk those myths and clear out all the misconceptions we have been harboring.

COVID-19 cases rose because of testing

The rise in COVID-19 is not because of the testing. The surge in infection is due to the fact that the SARS-CoV-2 (the virus that causes COVID-19) can bind with human cells twenty times tighter, which means that it can infect person to person rapidly. Another possible reason for spikes in COVID-19 is the lack of social distancing and following health orders. People were still going outside and socializing even at a dire time like this. While there is no vaccine in the market yet, what you can do to minimize the infection is to stay under home-quarantine and maintaining hygiene. If you suspect the symptoms, immediately get your COVID 19 test done.

The number of COVID-19 deaths is much lower

This myth originated from the CDC report, where it has shown that patients who died of COVID-19 had multiple causes of death, and COVID-19 wasn’t the key factor behind the deaths. The myths also reveal that deaths are likely because of compromised immunity, heart or lung diseases, severe obesity, etc. While we can agree that these health conditions played a huge part in the death, but we still can’t give COVID-19 a clean chit. Younger people, especially toddlers to infants, are at higher mortality risk even though they don’t have other health complications. What COVID-19 does is deteriorating the health condition by attacking the cells to weaken the immune system.

Antibiotics can prevent COVID-19

Antibiotics treat bacteria, not viruses. COVID-19 is a viral disease, so that it won’t be halted with a dose of antibiotics. However, as the initial symptoms of COVID-19 are very much similar to the common cold or flu, doctors can give the patients antibiotics to understand if it’s just the flu or a coronavirus infection. If you are suffering from a supposed Coronavirus infection, antibiotics won’t   work for you. This is also necessary to have a test for Coronavirus and consult with the doctors.

Fabric masks are useless

People still have confusion over this because different reports say different things. However, every health care provider agrees that wearing a mask prevents you from in contact with the virus from an infected person. Research shows that many people infected with COVID-19 lack symptoms and, therefore, may not know that they are infected. They don’t know that they are transmitting the virus to other people. That’s why you should wear a cloth mask to reduce the chance of spreading the virus around you.

These were some myths that needed to be corrected so that people take COVID-19 more seriously. However, I would also like to say that taking the pandemic and the infection seriously but avoid being anxious. Stress and anxiety can reduce the capability of your immune system, which might work against you. No need to panic; just stay at home, maintain social distancing when you go out, and wash your hands.


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