As an English artist and sculptor, Barbara Hepworth was a famous in the modern sculpture field with professional rival Henry Moore, but she is considered as one of the greatest sculptors of the twentieth century. All her worked masterpieces get famous with her pierced sculpture, such as Pierced Form and Single Form. From the term of 1925 to until her death in 1975, she made more than 600 sculptures. With her friend and professional competitor Henry Moore, she has accredited with chief the path to Modernism in statue when she way to get pioneered in her work. That was the field dominated by most of the males at that time; she was one of some female artists who had made carve to the global reputation for her works.

Now, let’s know about some of her famous works and about of her some other information.

The Monumental Bronze Sculpture

In the year of 1961, she was assigned to make the memorial of her friend Dag Hammarskjöld who was the 2nd Secretary-General of UN. After killing of Dag in 1961 by a ceasefire, he was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. And it was one of the great jobs of Hepworth that was a bronze sculpture and was known as Single Form. It’s 21 feet high with weighs over 5 tonnes and it’s getting displayed outside the headquarters of the UN in New York since 1964. One of the most televised sculptures in the world is Single Form that Hepworth’s most legendary work.

She Was a Student of the Royal College of Art

Full name is Jocelyn Barbara Hepworth, she was the eldest child of Herbert Hepworth and his wife Gertrude, was born on January 10, 1903, in England’s city of Wakefield in West Yorkshire. She was the daughter of a civil engineer who was selected as a County Surveyor in 1921. When she was only 15, she decided to study cat sculpture. As a result, she started her early schooling at the Wakefield Girls’ High School and after that, in 1919, she joined the Leeds School of Art. From 1921 to 1924, she studied at the prestigious Royal College of Art (RCA) by winning a scholarship.


Get Married with English Sculptor John Skeaping

As Prix de Rome was a French scholarship for the students of the art department, she, in 1924, was the second best for the Prix-de-Rome. But, the winner of the scholarship was the English sculptor John Skeaping and Hepworth knew him from her time at the RCA. When she was rewarded one year’s travel abroad with a West Riding Scholarship, through Siena and Rome, she traveled with Skeaping. After that, she gets married John Skeaping on 13 May 1925 at the Palazzo Vecchio in Italy. When they came back to London in 1026, they exhibited their work jointly from their living place. Their only child is Paul was born in 1926 and sorry to say that they get divorced in 1933 for some personal issues.


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