As an owner of a car, you should know about its warning lights. The lights pop up on your car’s dashboard when there something goes wrong. Being a conscientious driver, you should try to pay attention to your car’s dashboard’s warning signs.

You can be smarter by never ignoring your car’s warning lights. It’s because the warning signs become visible when the car finds any issue on its way.

So, you have to search for the issue and resolve it as soon as possible as a responsible driver. Well, before you look for something like “find tires for my car,” let’s know more about these warning lights.

Engine’s Warning Light

This is one of the common warning lights. When you find this light, you should know about it. That means there could be more than a few issues if this light warns with sparking up. This may indicate many things if the warning lights of your car engine glows up.

These may include issues from a loose gas cap to a converter malfunction. That means it can mean from simple, smaller issues to some serious problems. As a result, you can’t ignore this light at any cost.

Battery Light

If the batter’s light pops up, it only indicates that your car’s battery is not charging. It may happen because of many reasons. These include corroded or loose terminal cables, alternator malfunction, or low battery condition. But, your car will not suddenly stop due to this issue.

But, you’ll not be able to run your car a long distance smoothly. Ultimately, you’ll not get any left power to restart the engine. If you find this warning sign, you should take your car to the repairing shop or into some safe place faster.

Take a look at slack terminals or the indicator status in your car battery when you parked the car at a secure place. And it’s better to repair your car with a reputed car repairing shop.

Brake Light

The brake warning light may be one of the most critical warning lights noticed in the dashboard warning lights. If the hand brake or foot brake has not pushed down, this light will flash. You need to bring the brake down to stop it.

You may also have a significant problem with low brake fluid. Lower brake fluid is a clear warning that either the brake pads are wearing out, where new brake pads need to be added immediately, or the brake oil leak is enormous. An automatic braking system could correlate with the final issue (ABS). If the issue at all is ABS, fast and quick intervention is required.

Airbag Light

Most people believe it is not necessary for this special alarm light, but it is essential. You’ll have to take some action if this light icon is on your dashboard.

If this car warning light is on, you do not have your airbags deployed during a crash. No stop button exists to turn off this alarm signal. You should consult with a professional to figure out why the light is behind.

Now, you are well known about four warning lights and their necessity. For protecting your vehicles, tires are also as important as the warning lights. So you need to find tire size by make and models for your car.


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