Below are the tips and steps to build strong communication skills for architects that also use 3D architectural rendering services.

1. Start Informally

The beginning of everything is small. Similarly, you can develop better and formal communication skills by starting informally. Whenever you have client, talk to them. Start in an informal way and discuss the details, information related to the projects and what they expect from you. Moreover, build relationships with the clients that will help you be more comfortable with new clients as well as old one.

2. Avoid Visual Aids

Steve Jobs banned presentations and so did the Sheryl Sandberg at Facebook. Because they believed presentations and visual aids hinder effective communication. The same rules apply to all the professionals as well as architects. Whenever they have to communicate with audience, clients and customers you should prefer verbal and direct communication. This will surely help you become better at speaking.

However, when it’s time to conceptualize what clients want from you, getting visual aid is vital. In that case, 3D architectural rendering services come handy.

3. Master the Art of Timing

You should know why Steve Jobs is considered the best and most successful marketer of all time and that was he mastered the art of timing. Whenever he had a presentation, he used his time wisely and spoke what people wanted to listen. The architects should also utilize the client meeting time in a smart way and use their best communication skills to continue growth and improvements.

4. Be a Good Listener

If you are not a good listener, you can never be a good speaker. In order to achieve the best communication skills, you have to be very effective listener. No matter who you are speaking or talking to, listen to them as if you will lose something if you ignored it. Good listening skill helps you answer things in a more effective way. You will not hesitate or feel less confident while answering things.

5. Use Humor

Not many people make use of humor in their communications. The architects should understand the important adding humor to their sentences and when they communicate with clients. Honestly, good and effective use of humor can win you more clients, bag you better projects and help you make a better deal with customers. This will also impress the clients that how attentive and quick you are when it comes to communication.

6. Don’t Be an Asshole

You might have seen many architects being rude, too funny or weird with the clients. They are not honest as well. This is really a bad thing. The clients are not fools – they know when the architect is speaking the truth and when hiding things. Never underestimate what your client tells you that they are forced to think you are not better than an asshole.

7. Learn to Report Bad News

It has been seen that most of the professionals, not just architects, are bad when it comes to giving bad news to the client. They can share their work, achievements but if there are issues, they are really bad at it. This is where you miss serious things. You have to be good at this thing. Learn how you can share the bad news with clients in a way that they are not offended.

Moreover, you can use 3D architectural visualisation services to help clients see what they want and then work it. It’s a proven approach to impress clients.


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