1. Hair Type

Before you search for nearest barber near me, the first thing anybody is going to ask you about is the hair type. It is important for you to determine the type of hair you possess. Hair type has a lot to do with the hairstyle that you will choose, as it should be something that is easy to carry and does not require numerous products to keep it in place.

There are three things, which combine to form hair type: the natural shape your hair carries, the hair texture and the amount of hair you have.

The first thing and probably the easiest thing for you to observe is the hair flow. You need to observe what natural flow of your hair is. It is better to go with the natural flow rather than forcing the hair to do the opposite.  If you have hair with a little bit of waves, trying to make spiral curls will just make things look bad for you. So better to work along with the flow.

2. Texture

Then again, hair texture is also a combination of three things. It defines each hair strand.

3. Fine

People who possess fine hair tend to have very soft and thin strands of hair. Such hair tends to flyaway and are difficult to curl. It normally reacts well to chemicals but it can at the same time become damaged if processed overly. When you search for nearest Long Island city barber and visit one, tell them about your hair type and also ask for suggestions.

4. Medium

Being the most common type of hair. It is easy to manage, takes perms, and curls quite well. Medium hair are considered to be the most manageable and common type of hair.

5. Coarse

Hair with coarse strands are strong. They do not damage easily. Such hair is very thick, require longer time to process, and do not react well to chemicals as well.

6. Face Shape

You might have heard your friends suggesting you to get a haircut according to the shape of your face. While you might have overlooked the fact, it is important to know that they are right. Determining the shape of your face is the next big thing after hair texture. There are a number of ways to find this out. The first, is to tie your hair back and outline your face using a bar soap. Note down the measurement and look over the internet to find out what face shape your measurements reflect.

7. Maintenance and Daily Life Style

After you are done with the above steps, the final question you need to ask yourself is whether is it all high maintenance? While you are searching for hairstyles, it is suggested to consult the stylist and get a word on maintenance regarding each hairstyle.

If you are someone who have a busy life style and cannot take time out every day, then you know that the hairstyle is not for you. Go with a hairstyle that defines you and your style altogether. You can try out different hairstyles and ask your friends and relatives to provide their two cents. Sometimes these opinions can prove worthy, you never know.


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