How To Use VR Headsets Wearing Glasses?
How To Use VR Headsets Wearing Glasses?

If you’re someone who plays a lot of games and consumes a lot of entertainment content, you probably have vision difficulties. You probably need power glasses for that. 

And if you wear glasses, you’ll definitely have a problem using some smart electronic products like VR headsets. However, there is a lot of misinformation regarding VR headsets in the community. I’m writing this blog post to help you with that! 

Tips for Using a Virtual Reality Headset for Glasses

These tips below may not solve all of your problems. However, these tips will help you make a more informed approach to enjoying VR with glasses. 

#1. Try it before buying. 

Most VR headset sellers are really helpful. Address them about your worries and request to experience the VR headset before you purchase it. If you prefer to shop online, see if any of your friends or family members have a VR headset that you are interested in purchasing. 

You may ask if you can borrow it for a day. You should be happy with the headset you will purchase before purchasing it. 

#2. Try to use contact lenses

You may use contact lenses to alleviate all the problems with wearing glasses while using a VR headset. This, however, should be dependent on the cost of the lenses you intend to purchase.

If the cost of contact lenses is too high and you’re just using them for VR, it would be more cost-effective to use glasses instead.

#3. Slightly push the glasses.

When the straps are tightened, certain headsets impose strain on the frame. As a consequence, the frame presses against the bridge of your nose, rapidly making things unpleasant.

If your spectacles’ temples have room to travel forward after the strap has been adjusted, apply pressure to their points to push them forward. You should avoid letting the frame contact the display lens since it may scratch it.

#4. Make sure your glasses are clean.

Outside light is tightly segregated from the interior of the VR headset, and light from the display must pass through your glasses to reach you. In short, dirt or stains on your glasses might become an issue.

You may feel compelled to wipe your eyes to clear your eyesight of the hazy patches. That’s why, every time you enter virtual reality, you need to clean your glasses thoroughly.

#5. Have a great time. 

Why would you purchase an expensive high-end VR headset if it wasn’t for the joy and excitement of virtual reality? Forget about the idea that you’ll require glasses in real life and focus on having fun in virtual reality.

There are a variety of solutions for dealing with the issues that may arise while using VR headsets while wearing glasses.


You need to do all your research before purchasing any smart electronics products. The same applies to your virtual reality headsets. It would be a mistake to choose a headset only based on its ability to accommodate a wider variety of frame types.

Each headset has its own set of advantages and disadvantages in terms of content availability, design, performance, and comfort. You just need to find your sweet spot!


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