Understand it. If you go through Victoria’s Secret catalog, it’s not just the long legs and flat bellies that make you envious. But isn’t this the thick, luscious-looking hair?

Yes, we understand because you are not alone. Once it comes to hair problems, ladies lament their fine, narrow strands the most, and they, like you, are always on the search for healthy hair volumizing ideas.

So here are a few expert hair volumizing suggestions. Therefore, before you look for the best hair straightening, let’s know the tips.

The Right Haircut Can Help You Volumize Your Hair

Initiate by locating a stylist who is familiar with your hair type. She will understand that, in general, a few well-placed layers are the most excellent technique for adding fullness. This is mainly if your hair is poker straight.

This long/short/long/short pattern pulls the hair outward, lending it some oomph. This is about balance, though—having too many layers might lead your hair to become limp. Think of getting bangs if your hair needs volume on top but is still packed in front.

With the Right Care, You Can Volume of Your Hair

Admit it or not, a large part of your smart volumizing approach begins in the shower. This is long before you begin styling your strands. So what would you avoid? Strands, solid shampoos, and conditioners will weigh down your tiny strands.

And excessive manipulation can cause fine hair to snap. So protect your roots from sagging, apply conditioner to the lowest two-thirds of your hair. Untangle what happened before, during, and after. Remove any existing snarls and tangles before entering the shower or tub.

Make use of Dry Shampoo Adding Volume to Thin Hair.

When your shampoo is dry, meet fine hair. It’s going to be the start of a beautiful friendship! And here is why dry shampoos are ideal for those with fine hair like you. Initially, they kept oil under control.

Because the oil from your scalp is difficult to absorb, fine hair tends to get limp when it makes its way down your strands. Just a few brief squirts of dry shampoo can help absorb excess oil. You can buy the best hair smoothing products besides all of these.

To Increase Volume, Massage Your Scalp

Hair development begins in the follicles, located deep beneath the skin. Hence it stands to reason that massaging your scalp would increase blood flow. It will nourish those unborn hairs and help them grow big and robust!

Moreover, it just feels nice and relieves stress, which has been known to trigger hair loss! Here have been six easy techniques for a fast, soothing scalp massage that can wake up your sluggish follicles and give you more volume.

Consider Using Color To Add Volume To Fine Hair.

Color of your hair and highlights, believe it or not, might be the most excellent 911 for thin strands. It’s because color treatments plump up the hair shaft. This is making hair look thicker, fuller, and with more volume.

Additionally, a good hairdresser understands how to apply color to give the illusion of fullness. For instance, she could make your color darker at the root and lighter at the ends to give the illusion of density.


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