If you’re a true dog lover, you should go through the below lines of the poem written by GK Chesterton: “They haven’t got any noses, the fallen sons of Eve; Even the smell of roses, is not what they suppose? They’re something more than the mind discloses and also more than your belief.

You can think that you may know the whole thing is out there. That means you know well about your best pet friend. That’s why we’re here with some fun facts that you might don’t know about dogs.

These will grab your attention and astonished you for sure. So, before you look for “affordable flea and tick control”, let’s know about the fun facts about dogs.

Dogs’ Sense of Smell Is 10,000 – 100,000 Times More Than Human

Dog’s smell sense is extremely development sense. It’s about 10,000 to 100,000 more sensitive and acute than human beings. The researchers have explained why the part of the brain of dog sense smell is four-time bigger than humans.

Dogs have a great capability to follow a smell or scent of an object or a person for many miles. As a result, it makes these dogs the right aid for searching for any person missing. Thus, they can help to find missing people and rescue missing objects.

Dalmatians Are Entirely White At Birth!

Dalmatians that come from the origin of Yugoslavia are simply distinguishable by their white coats. When they get birth, their coats are solid while. They’re also born with pigmentation spots in their skin that have screened by the white fur.

It’s not possible to recognize the little ones by their spots. These spots are available on the skin of the puppies when they birth. But, they don’t start to show their coat until they’re 10-day old.

It means that a large number of these puppies get birth with pure white coats. After age, dogs continue to get spots all through their lifetime. But, they get them at a languid pace.

Kublai Khan Have The Most Dogs Yet As 5,000 Mastiffs!

We talked about the 13th century when Kublai Khan, the Mongol emperor, owned five thousand mastiffs. This emperor used them for war and hunting. The term ‘Mastiff’ means a group of big dogs.

Also, these dog breeds played a great role in the improvement of different bulldog and mountain dog breeds. Also, it’s a widespread name for giant-like dog breeds. They’re also known as the English Mastiff. These dogs are enormous; there’s no way around them.

The Mastiff is by no means a delicate species with females averaging at least 120 pounds. Although the mastiff’s size gives him some formidability, he is still fearless, valiant, compassionate, and caring. Another fun fact about dogs is that Labradors (Labs) are the most popular breeds in the US.

They’re not just friendly; they’re also companionable housemates for their masters. They meet people and humans and also with some other dog breeds. Hopefully, you learned some fun facts about dogs. If you have a pet dog you should take proper care of it. You can always keep a “pet first aid kit checklist” with you.


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