Moving in is not an easy task. If you are not living with your family or moving in alone, the thing can go messy. Hiring moving in house cleaning services will be the right decision for your aid.

However, cleaning companies sometimes do not provide complete service. It is not they are reluctant to; however, it is because you are not aware of all the available services.

Thus, it is better to know some internal tricks before hiring a cleaning service. You need to tell these to your cleaning service so that your entry into the new apartment could be a memorable one!

Clean The Appliances 

Yes, it means all the electrical appliances, including the refrigerator, dishwasher, or even the washer drier. Move in house cleaning services companies follow different methods of cleaning those appliances; however, some of them are universal.

You have to tell them precisely what you want. The dishwasher could be cleaned with natural cleaning solutions or a mixer of vinegar and water. The refrigerator also requires the same disinfectants and cleaning solutions.

It is up to you how you want the appliances to be cleaned. Even the microwave will come spotless before you warm the first meal. Just tell the cleaning service what type of cleaning you are looking for. They will take care of the appliances.

The Floor Needs To Be Shiny And Clean

Rugs collect all the footprints and dust. If you do not want to keep the prints of the last tenants, make sure you told the cleaning service for deep cleaning. It includes the regular wash as well as steam mops.

Wooden floors are easier to clean. However, carpeted floors require rigorous cleaning. Regular vacuum wash followed by a steam mopping will provide the best results. Sometime, the cleaning services may insist on additional shampooing. If the previous tenants had pets, do not hesitate to accept that offer.

Moreover, hiring a professional carpet cleaning service will be great for a radiant carpeted floor. Before you call them, read their offers and discounts. Sometimes you can get some excellent move-in offers, especially during the beginning of the college semesters.

Disinfecting Is A Must

You have no clue who was the last tenant in your new home. They could be super-sensitive to cleaning or dirt-is-not-big-deal type. However, you cannot take the risk of keeping their leftover pollutants in your new home. Thus, you need a through disinfestation.

Any smooth and shiny surface is the best place to grow germs. Yes, it may sound a little weird but true. Therefore, you have to tell the moving in or move out cleaning service to wipe out all the smooth surfaces, including kitchen top, toilet surfaces, sinks, and tables.

For kitchen and toilets, using the commercial grade disinfectants will work best for the first time. Other sensitive surfaces can be wiped with soft clothes and vinegar-water solutions. If you are too much picky, use a high-end shampoo to clean the couches and recliners.


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