Well, you will love to wear comfortable shoes. If you have shoes that you like to wear often, then you can create a new look. You can acrylic paint your shoes. It will create a unique look. Plus, the design looks gorgeous and fabulous. Besides you can choose Carrera shoes for you.

Plain shoes don’t look so beautiful, and you can’t wear them for any special occasion. So, you can create a new design, and it will look fabulous. Also, people will love it. Even you will feel better while wearing extraordinary shoes.

You can do it by following some steps. But it cracks sometimes. Also, you can avoid this issue if you follow some tips. Here you will get some tips about it. Before you look for “buy Italian shoes online,” check it out for details.

Prepare Shoes

First of all, you have to select the shoe that you will paint. Ensure your shoes are properly clean. If you are using a new shoe, then there is no issue. But, if the shoe is old, then you need to focus on cleaning it well.

This is a mandatory task, and you can’t make a mistake here. After washing the shoe, you need to dry them completely. If it doesn’t dry then, you can pain it. So, dry the shoe properly and make it ready to paint.

Select Quality Paint

However, your shoes are ready to paint as it is clean and dry. Do not use the cheap type of acrylic paint. Basically, if you want to avoid the crack issue, then the best quality paint is mandatory. Otherwise, your shoes may crack, and you will not like to wear them.

So, find out the best quality paint. If you are planning to apply more than 1 color, select the paint from the same brand. Different brand’s quality and ingredients are not the same. This is the reason it may create any problem. Selecting the same brand and different color is a better idea.

Apply Thin Layers Paint

Moreover, you might be thinking of applying a thin layer. But, this is a wrong concept. Applying around 3 layers of paint will be better. Apply the paint and wait for it dry.

Once it dries, then you can go for the second layer. If you are planning to apply the thin layer, then know it doesn’t look good. So, skip this idea for a better result.

Pay Attention to the Areas

Therefore, you need to focus on the toe part. As it moves the most, so, the crack may start in that area. Most of the time, it happens, and you should focus on it to avoid such issues.

All you need to do is pay extra attention to that part while painting. Plus, make sure you are giving the best coverage for that part of the shoe.

Seal Your Deal

If you are done with the paint, then seal the handiwork. It will last for a long time. If you can finish this task properly, then you can avoid cracking issues.


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