You can find it faintly ridiculous that your patients using their medical records using free DICOM workstation software. Or, some other digital ways of their readily available records. Patients of these days are very comfortable to be able to use their medical records on demand.

They like to do it from anywhere in the world when they have access to the internet. They’re able to do a lot of things using the internet and getting access to their medical record is one of them. In fact, it’s a very useful thing for many people.

But, there are some drawbacks of the patient access to their EMR (Electronic Medical Records). That means EMR has both pros and cons and let’s know some of them below:

Pros of Patient Access to EMR

EMR improves engagement with the patient. So, they’re about to stay reliable to practice in excess of other organizations. As a result, you don’t need to effort much more to get connected with them. When you have a patient portal, your employees are able to handle their messages easily. It’s because there is a method that makes your jobs easy when it comes to sending emails.


This way, you can cut down wasting your loads of time. Also, it does not just reduce the spending time on the patient portal; it also reduces unwanted visits. Moreover, your patients will more content when they’re able to use their personal medical records on their personal devices.

Besides, they’ll also like much when they can request their refills via the internet. They’ll sing into and request using the portal when they have to visit a doctor physically. As a result, it’ll be simpler for the patients and for you plus your staff. Also, it ends the need for drudgeries of the latest medication.

Moreover, you can think about allowing them to input into information using your patient portal. These may include a kiosk in the waiting area or from the computer of the patients. So, they don’t need to fill any type of form with their address or allergies lists more than one time. Also, your employees don’t need to transcribe the patients’ information from handwritten documents.

Cons of Patient Access to EMR


Although you have found a large number of advantages to using a “patient portal” integrating online PACS software, some cons are also available over there. If you know them, you can face them easily. Well, let’s know some cons of patient access to EMR below:

The concerns of data security will come up naturally when you put access to your site someone else. So, you have to use strong passwords for your system using the latest encryption methods. If not your patient data may be compromised that will lead to identity theft. 

Sometimes a portal could be difficult to understand for your patients. It especially happens when they use things in the old method. But, if you educate and explain the advantages of the portal, they’ll be able to do it properly.


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