Do you know how celebrity maintains the perfect hair? Well, they can come out from the gym or join the party, the hair will be perfect. Wherever they are doesn’t matter, you will see the hair looks perfect.

George Papanikolas is the Matrix Hairstylist and works with Ana de Armas, Lydia Hearst, Miranda Kerr, Madonna, Khloe Kardashian. All of them are celebrity hairstylists.

So, you will know a lot from the hairstylist. Here you will find some hairstyle tips. So, before you look for a gallery hair salon, check it out.

Start with Basics

However, the haircut needs to match the face and body shape. Even hair type is important to cut the hair. Well, if you can’t find the proper style, it won’t look good.

On the other hand, it will ruin your hairstyle. So, try to know the basics of the hair is curly or straight, then never fight it. Then it will make your style difficult.

Use the Perfect Conditioner, Shampoo & Other Hairstyling Product

You may think that applying conditioner and shampoo is a basic thing and it is not much important. You’re mistaken. Applying proper conditioner and shampoo is the most important thing for the hair.

If you are not aware of this, then you are not providing proper nourishment to the hair. Moreover, proper conditioning and cleansing will hydrate and nourish your hair. It will make your hair healthy and soft.

Also, hair will look shiny and beautiful. Plus, you can style your hair easily. Never forget to apply any hair mask at least once a week. It will repair your damaged hair. Also, hair will become healthy.

Never Let the Hair Become Frizzy

Furthermore, frizzy hair will is not healthy hair. If you are struggling with frizzy hair, you should take care of your hair. Even you can’t make a perfect hairstyle for frizzy hair. For styling hair, apply spray, gel or cream before drying your hair. You can also take hair salon services for yourfrizzy hair.

If you can apply the ingredients properly, it will help you to make a better style. Before blow-drying hair, apply the formula of thermal protection. Also, use the perfect brush for doing it. It will let the hair set properly.

Pump up Hair Volume

Full mane is more glamorous. Apply conditioner and shampoo. Make sure you are following the thickening formula. Now, apply volumizing spray before drying the hair.

Then blow-dry your hair. Divide hair sections and keep blow-drying. If you want to make it more stylish, you can use a hair curling iron. It will give a gorgeous look.

Always Keep the Backup Hairstyle

Additionally, you should have an alternative plan to style your hair. If you can’t make a proper style of hair, it may ruin your entire look. Well, you can make a simple ponytail.

Apply hairspray and then gather it. Now make a ponytail. A simple ponytail can make a different and attractive look. Plus, it will give a stylish and trendy look. Even, it doesn’t take much time as well. So, you can make the style easily.


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