It’s time to SIM-free phones and the age of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) go business mobile SIM $55 is getting popular increasingly. As your mobile phones are linked with the current businesses, you should get the best deal of this for your business. So, you can choose to go SIM-only that means you can use your current handset or you can buy a new one. This way you can get a handset agreement meaning your handset and SIM will get bundled into a particular monthly charge. It’s the way that you can use the phone is much cheaper than you get it in separate. And the main reason for choosing the handset contract for your businesses. Also, we’ll go through the content by discussing this issue completely.

What is the Difference between SIM-Only and Contract?

If you consider deals of the flagship handset iPhone X you’ll find them all are the same for minutes, data, and text. You’ll get it much cheaper if you shop handset and SIM separately. For example, if you go with the contract basis you need to spend £1,344 for two years. But, the same handset you’ll get from Amazon only for £899. It means you can save some cash if your contract is not more than £18.50/month. So, you can save more than £400 with a contract if you choose it as SIM-free.

Do You Need the Latest Phone?


This is the downside of the SIM-only deal is that you’ll have to pay for your new handset the full cost. But, you’ll get you can skip that cost entirely if you like to keep your old phone in use. Or, you have the option to get an older edition for a part of the cost of the newest models. This is because the difference between an iPhone X and an iPhone 8 is very minimal for your business purposes. That’s why you can choose the SIM-only one as we recommend it if you’re using an upgrade plan and it’s getting expired soon.

So, what are the Advantages of SIM-only and Contract?

As its bills regularly work the cheaper overall, you can get a sense by SIM-only for long-term for your budget. Also, you’ll be able to save some money every month as it lowers your monthly bills. Besides, you’ll find contracts are little more flexible than SIM-only. You can get rid of taking new plans for the next two months if you get a contract handset. Moreover, you’ll get various types of SIM plans that are very flexible and rolling a 30-day contract basis. And you’ll get the full freedom of shopping around on any network for any deal.

Bottom Line

If you notice, you’ll find that phone providers like to put you on a contract deal with Samsung Galaxy S5 mobile plans. But, SIM-only one could be your best choice if you’re in no need of the next-gen phone or an extra budget to buy a new one. This is the much easy way to save money for your business and to invest the amount in somewhere else.


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