If you’ve seen a jade roller on your favourite beauty influencer’s Instagram feed, you’re probably wondering what the buzz is about – do jade rollers work?

In this blog post, I explained how a jade roller works and the supposed skin advantages.

Does Jade Roller Really Work?

When it comes to utilizing a jade roller, the technique is critical. While it may be a beneficial at-home skin treatment, not applying it correctly could damage your skin.

It’s critical, to begin with, a clean, fresh face and your chosen serum. I recommend using medium pressure and taking your time. Here is how I do it, and you should do too!

  • Cheeks & Jaw. Place the big end of the jade roller on your chin and roll it towards your ear with medium pressure. Rep 5–6 times in the same area, then go up up your cheek. Rep the process on the other side.
  • Forehead. Next, work your way up to your brow. Roll the big end of your forehead towards your ears, starting in the centre. Switch to the other side of your forehead and repeat the same motion 5–6 times.
  • Eyes. Apply medium pressure with the tiny end and roll from the inner eye to the outside corner. Switch to the opposite eye after 10–15 repetitions.
  • Brows. Just above the eyes, use the same technique as the under eyes!
  • Feet of Crows. Apply medium pressure to the tiny end of the roller and quickly glide it up and down on the corner of your eye. Rep on the other side.
  • Jaw. I always conclude by digging hard into my jaw joint with the tiny end of the roller. I apply a lot of pressure, move back and forth, and then use quick rolling on any areas that seem particularly tight.

Like many other skin-care fads, it’s also worth noting that a jade roller isn’t suitable for everyone. I will also avoid using the roller if you have any skin rashes or cold sores. The actinic skin should avoid it since the jade roller may spread bacteria. Disinfect your roller with mild soap in between uses.

There is no scientific evidence that jade rollers work. But, based on what we do know, here’s my take:

#1. The use of jade rollers may aid in the reduction of puffiness.

By restricting blood vessels and decreasing inflammation, anything cold applied to the skin may temporarily reduce swelling. Cucumber slices, ice packs, chilled washcloths, frozen peas, a dash of cold water, or the cool stone of a jade roller are all examples of cool compresses.

#2. Jade rollers may help with circulation.

Poor sleep, excessive salt consumption, fluid retention, gravity, sickness, infection, and other conditions may impede circulation and cause swelling in the head and neck. Massage (with or without using a jade roller) may assist in increasing blood flow and lymphatic drainage, allowing excess fluid to be drained from the head and neck and returned to circulation.

The basic conclusion is that there is no scientific evidence to back up the hoopla around jade rollers. But why not if they’re part of a relaxing, feel-good household ritual?


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