The city of San Francisco is most likely a chameleon that changes in a few decades. The meaning of the city seems to be a bit different for everybody. This is a city of hope, promise, and WTF as well. You’ll find some weird and unique stuff out there in the city that will throw you while walking in this odd small part from the Midwest.

If you’re on free walking tour San Francisco, you can expect to view some type of cross between Los Angeles and New York. If you don’t have visited the city previously, you could be more unwary for the shock of its different culture.

Unlike all other cities in the US, San Francisco has a bit uniqueness and dissimilarity. Let’s know what they’re throughout a free sf cheap walking tour in the city.

It Has Its Own Small Eco-System

The city exists in a small and unique eco-system with micro-climate. We can say that it exists on seven exclusive micro-climates. If you even go from one street to the next one, you’ll get a high temperature that may rise up to 10 degrees.

While entering the no-man’s-lands during the sunset, you’ll vow there is nothing similar to the sun. You’ll finish up in wind-beaten Antarctica if you stay undertaking to Ocean Beach. Before visiting the city, don’t forget to take thermal underwear.

It’s because there is icy cold plus foggy on its one hill while another one is clear, bright, and sunny. Also, you’ll find the Golden Gate Bridge’s view with a small distance left from the area of the Bay Bridge.

And you don’t have an idea about the other days when it exists because of the thick outside layer of fog blanket on the most part of the city.

It Has Its Own Personality

Based on where they’re living in this small little city, you can truly and precisely stereotype people. They’re also Marina types if we say to one more San Franciscan. We instantly imagine a guy wearing thongs or Sperry; a pop collared Polo shirt, freight shorts.

And we’re still speaking to the grand pranks their alliance dragged in college. Meanwhile, if you tell “she is living in Germantown” when back to your house in Louisville.

It looks like when somebody on a severe diet and inquires you to clarify in graphic point the last night’s eaten dessert.

Everything Is Very Expensive

When it comes to the rent of the city, it’s the highest in the country in terms of cost. Yes, even it’s more than the rent in New York City. But, in any case, it’s nothing unusual here.

You might have to share a small apartment with four more people like a mature adult. Most likely your residence is truly a studio where four other people are essentially six because there are significant two others.

If you share with more people, you’ll get dirtier every one of those people. This is the standard of getting an apartment in rent when you’re in San Francisco.


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