Why would anyone put on shoes that are too big? It does happen, and most of us have worn a larger pair at some point in our lives. Your favorite shoes may have stretched out due to constant use. Or, you found a fantastic pair of shoes at an absurdly low price.

But, the only pair left was one size too big for you. Many of us have had to wear larger shoes because we had to borrow them for a short period. Whatever your reason for wearing too-big shoes, you should try to make them as comfortable as possible.

We’ve experienced with some great ways to wear shoes that are too big, so you don’t look like a clown wearing those huge novelty shoes. So, before you look for the best designer loafers for men, let’s know the tips.

Toilet Tissue Paper Classic

For many decades, humans have stuffed toilet paper into the toes of too-large shoes to make them fit. It’s not the most comfortable solution. But, it’ll suffice in an emergency. The majority of people have been in this situation.

You’re visiting a friend or cousin, and they invite you to dinner at a fine restaurant or a night at the clubs. The problem is that you don’t have the proper footwear. Your cousin or friend offers to lend you theirs, but they are a size too large.

Take a wad of toilet paper and stuff a few sheets between your toes. Strive them on and adjust the amount of toilet paper until they are comfortable. The best part is that you can refresh the bundle in your toes during the evening if necessary. You can also visit the “best footwear for men” in order to buy new pair for you.

Get Some Insoles

Toilet tissue isn’t the most comfortable solution for wearing too-big shoes. So, put some comfortable insoles in your shoes instead. The best thing about insoles is that they will fill up a good portion of the space in your shoes while also cushioning your feet.

It’s a win-win situation. However, keep in mind that most insoles wear out quickly and will need to replace. It won’t make a difference if you like the too-big shoes you want to keep wearing.

Use Heel Grips

Heel grips are an excellent solution if your shoes are only slightly too big. These attach to the inside heel of your shoe, providing a more secure fit. Please place them on the heel of your shoe and try them on before leaving the house.

The heel grip may need to be repositioned, which is best done at home. If you don’t position them properly, you’ll get nasty blisters and be uncomfortable the entire time you wear them. You could also benefit from using heel inserts.

Use Cushions for the Balls of Your Feet

You can add special cushions that have specifically designed to place under the balls of your feet to any shoe you want to wear. These will improve the fit and comfort of any shoe and are ideal for use with sandals or any shoes where the full insole. They may be visible or, if you do not like wearing shoes with a full insole.


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