Can you remember when you rode in a taxi in the last time? It would need a while, right? Goes to explain the amount of ride you’re sharing has overstuffed in the current years; this is huge now!

When I moved to Detroit after college, I drove to Lyft for almost a year; that was the right way to get to know the community I lived in and the people in it.

It’s not only you need to think about your vehicle’s cleanliness, protection, and organization, but along the way, you have to protect your belongings.

The unlucky fact of the issue is that lots of people never look after your stuff the approach you do. So, we’re going to help you cover your car with a seat cover in different ways contrasting with the best car floor mats.

Protection from Something Unexpected

Seat Covers

Seat covers are the best way to do it when you need to ensure the seats stay in good shape or looking for their new look. Also, it helps you revive worn ones. It’s most likely rideshare driver if something on the list is crucial for these.

If this worst happens, stained and worn out seats may be tank the resale value. Also, they’re expensive to reupholster or replace. For brands like Wet Okole and CalTrend, you can go for the more upscale feeling and simple to clean leatherette (and real leather, of course) covers.

Or it’s something more purpose-built and practical, the waterproof neoprene and nosupreme options. For fabrics, designs, and colors, there are many choices, maybe even too many if I’m being honest. Don’t worry, if you find yourself utterly confused, we have a complete guide that you can print out.

Floor Mats

The bottom of the shoes is the dirtiest things of us on a normal day. So, this is no surprise there’s a whole market of seeking to guarantee that they are secured by the parts of your car or truck that encounter them.

You may live on the streets where there is a lot of snow, ice, and dirt. There is just no substitute for those heavy-duty, all weather car floor mats. As a result, this is preferably a specially fitted package that can hold all the sludge.

1st, 2nd, & 3rd Safety

Phone Mounts

For most of the duties, ride-sharing uses smartphones and tablets. Your headset is essential in this case, from navigating through streets to requesting passengers. But, you can’t only grasp the stuff in your hand because you drive around.

So, the final thing your customers want to observe is you’re looking down at the phone when their life is in your hands. That’s why we sell easy dead set-ups that conveniently plug into HVAC vents, durable cupholder mounts.

Or, heavy-duty mounts that protect the dashboard or windshield. It means that along with seat cover for your Uber or Lyft, you also get a better cover for your phone. It’s because of your job dependable on your phone.


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