Before you unpack your drone and take it up in the air, there are several things that you want to be aware of when it comes to drone flying. The most important of these is understanding where you have permitted to fly.

That’s because just because a location is public (or, in some situations, on private land!). It doesn’t imply you may fly your drone there. This includes public parks.

It may appear to be a free-for-all in terms of what you may do. So, have you allowed to fly your drone in a public park? Therefore, before looking for an aerial inspection drone, let’s know the tips.

Is It Legal For Me To Fly Your Drone In A Public Park?

You want to fly your drone someplace other than your backyard. You can’t fly your drone everywhere you like. But you may try your local public park. After all, there is most likely a public park near your home.

Of course, because public parks are available to the general public, many activities have permitted. Or, if you don’t have a place to fly at home, there are certain things you should know about where you may fly it.

Consider Your Local Ordinances and Laws

As a result, the first thing you should do if you want to fly your drone in a public park is research your local drone rules and ordinances. If no restrictions are in place, the general guidelines established by the FAA will regulate drone flight. However, your city or state has laws prohibiting the use of commercial drones in public parks.

You’ll have to find another spot to fly. Similarly, you are traveling to another city or state. It’s because there may be specific local legislation that prohibits you from flying a drone there. This is a good idea to verify the local rules of that region.

National Park vs. Public Park

We said that you could fly your drone in a public park. So, you should be aware that public parks are not the same as National Parks. That implies that you wish to fly your drone in a neighboring national park. You should be aware that the laws for drone flying in national parks differ from the general rules for flying a drone in a public park.

There’s also the issue of state parks. They are a cross between a public park and a national park. State parks, like national parks, are more significant amounts of land set aside as preserves. But they have administered by state governments.

The Bottom Line

Generally, you have permitted to fly your drone in a public park or even a state park. Hence, you should be aware that there may be local restrictions forbidding you from flying your drone in a public park.

However, in the lack of such rules, you can presume that flying your drone in your local park is legal. This is the good news for you that public parks generally allow you to fly your drone. You may have even seen other drone enthusiasts flying their drones in a nearby public park.


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