Transform a space with creative art and glazing technology in one weekend. Everything is easy to accomplish, beautiful and cheap. We’re showing you how. You can change a room in one weekend for less than $100.

Also, it’s all about paint, glazing, and masking tape. We will teach you how to produce three ornamental finishes using essential equipment and techniques. Everything is made by masking portions of the wall and using a glaze finish, yet the three finishes appear unique.

So, before you look for interior painting New York, let’s know the techniques.

Random Rectangles: The effect

To achieve this modern design, four layers of glass boxes overlap. We picked golden tones, but with various colors, you may reach the same effect. In general, for the first layer of packages use a deeper or more opaque color and lighten the color and increase transparency for each of the following three levels.

New hues and shades will arise when layers overlap. This is why creating a sample board is essential before you start. Choose your colors and mix the glazing before you commit to putting the finish to the wall.

Random rectangles: The technique

It may seem not very good to choose the size and position of the boxes, but I do not care. With every layer you put, the wall looks better. In a colored store, purchase an aquarelle crayon by your design and use it to mark the walls.

As the glass is applied to the boxes, the watercolor lines will then disappear. We created rectangular square boxes ranging from 34 x 14 to a square of 48 inches in size. To include any essential color coats not covered by previous levels, draw the fourth layer of boxes.

Shimmery stripes – The effect

The wave-stretched wall is created by overlapping glass strips between ripped masking stripes. Our model has built of three layers of glaze, which is repeated every 15 inches. For each line, see Figure a for the masking tape positioning.

The following recipe describes the colors of the paint and glazes used. To create a distinctive appearance, you may pick your colors or copy our receipt.

Shimmery stripes – The technique

For one 12-foot long wall, you will need three rolls of masking tape. You could experiment with different brands, but we chose 2-inch blue “large mask” tape from 3M. We liked the rip qualities. Image 2 demonstrates how the tape is tearing.

Use the glass with the edge of a sponge to distribute a small stream of glaze over the wall. So, push a second moistened sponge over the glaze in a thin layer. Turn the sponge around to make a random pattern.

Weathered wainscot – The effect

Create the impression of mossy tiles with this easy technique of masking and glazing. Use cheesecloth to apply a hazy coating of glaze after marking and masking the diagonal squares.

Then add another uneven glaze coat to create a mottled appearance. Remove the tape and let it dry. Then use masking tape and apply two coats of gloss to the remaining triangles. Add a mold to make a stylish wainscot along the top.

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