If you don’t know what is vitamin B12, it is an essential vitamin needed for daily functions. They provide energy, promote weight loss, control depression, and have many other benefits. Absorbing Vitamin B12 fully is required for the vitamin to work. Our body can never store the vitamin completely because it is water-soluble. As it is a water-soluble substance, most of the vitamin is excreted through our urine. Thus vitamin B12 shots for energy are necessary. So, Vitamin B12 shots vs pills for energy? The answer is B12 shots. Intravenous vitamin B12 is more potent and viable when it comes to absorption as it dissolves in the blood faster through the vein.

Signs of low energy

There are factors to look for while you are suspecting low energy. If you see these factors happening on a repeated basis, maybe you need Vitamin B12. The signs of low energy are:

1. Not getting adequate sleep

Most of the time having 8 hours of sleep makes us energized. If you feel exhausted most of the time even after 8 hours of a deep sleep, you can assume your mind isn’t getting enough rest to make your body function. You will feel your day to day functions are slowed down and you will feel lethargic all the time. Practicing a bedtime routine work wonders. Reading books at night has proven results of making your sleep better. Establish an early time to sleep, dim the lights, and make your room as dark as possible. Don’t use the phone, as the blue light is bad for your eyes and sleep. Avoid drinking caffeine or alcohol at night.

2. Dehydration

Most of the time dehydration is the main reason why we feel fatigued. We tend to neglect drinking as much water as needed which results in dehydration. When your cells are dehydrated, your energy level falters. Dehydration can also interfere in your metabolism process. The slower your metabolism the more lethargic you will feel. Other than tanking your energy levels, dehydration can cause headaches and difficulty in concentrating.

3. Stress

Any type of stress whether mental or physical can tank your energy. Insomnia, loss or gain of appetite and high blood pressure are some of the most common symptoms of stress. These are contributing factors to low energy. Sometimes overworked muscles can cause physical stress. If you feel you are overworking, stop immediately. Give your body and mind rest. Take a day off and go out for a walk. Walking helps in lowering stress levels.

4. Lack of carbs in the diet

Many people skip carbohydrates while dieting, as consuming too many carbs can result in weight gain. But that should not mean skipping necessary carbs all over. Carbohydrates are the main source of energy and lacking it will affect energy levels. If you are a health-conscious person, what you can do is avoid sugary, high-carb, and processed food. You can however eat fruits and vegetables and lean protein for carbohydrates.

5. Exercising too little

While exercising too much can dwindle your energy levels, exercising too little can promote lethargy. Your muscles are not getting worked up and thus the fats and glycogen that are stored in your body are not burning. This means that you are not getting the required energy for your body to function. Exercising every day for 20-30 minutes will improve your health and energy.

Why do you need a Vitamin B12 dose for energy?

If you notice these signs in your body, pay attention. Your body might need Vitamin B12 injection dose or shots. Drip Hydration comes in forms of injections, shots, and infusions, whichever is suitable for you. It’s either given in clinics or at home. Drip hydration rehydrates and energizes you without any side effects or toxins. If you are Vitamin B12 deficient and a doctor has recommended you to take a drip, you will notice the benefits immediately.


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