Want some backcountry ski boots and bindings? Know the types of ski boots.

1. Alpine Ski Boots


If you have alpine ski, then these boots are best suited for you with secured toe and heel of boots. It locks the heel down as in alpine skiing requirement giving a comfortable and relaxing feel. The outer shell of these boots is made of thermoplastic material to protect feet from cold and absorb vibrations. You will also find a walk mode and pivot point in these boots that helps in taking easier turns.

2. Cross-Country Ski Boots


These boots are designed to provide support to your heel and ankle while your toes are still free to move. They are kind of similar to hiking boots in terms of weight and support since it comforts your feet when you bend your feet or lift your heel to ski. While you need a pair of medium-weighted socks with its stiff sole for these boots.

3. Touring Ski Boots


These boots are used for All Mountain skiing having walk mode or tour mode used with a help of a small lever. You need to turn off walk mode to assure stability when you are up for skiing. The specialty of these boots is that you may lock or unlock the heels for descents or traversing flat or inclined terrain.

4. Tele-mark Ski Boots


These boots are very similar to alpine ski boots but distinguish in just having one different feature of bellows. It is a kind of flex point which makes skiers take a classic telemark turn. This results in proper fitting of boots holding your heels firmly while your toes are free to move even with the flexed sole. This means that your calf will be properly fitted without putting much load on your feet as telemark ski boots get slightly expanded after being worn for several times.

Tips for Using Ski Boots

1. Use the Right Socks

You know your comfort level varies widely with the type of socks and its weight that you are using. You simply cannot put on your cotton socks for every boot you wear instead for different boots, different kind of socks to be worn. A ski sock must be able to wick away the moisture while the shape of socks must match your feet shape to avoid any discomfort.

2. Choose Correct Boot Size

Boot size matters a lot in skiing as you need a pair of best-fitted boots for good performance without compromising your comfort level. You can refer your correct boot size with proper length and width from Mondo-point sizing chart used worldwide.

3. Use Boot Heaters

Though insulation is always used in the manufacturing of ski boots it is not always enough for required warming. You can refer your nearest technician to adjust specialized boot heaters and give you an optimal fit.

4. Buckle Adjustment

Advanced ski boots have micro-adjust buckles about which many people are not familiar with. You just need to rotate the buckle to 360 degrees to incrementally increase or decrease the length for achieving perfect tension level.

So, buy backcountry ski boots and bindings and have some real fun! If you are a woman and looking to buy used womens skis, you can search online.


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