You can be stressed while trying to get the decision of what type of jerseys you should choose. This is because you’ll find there a lot of options out there when you need to buy jerseys.  Also, things happen like this that people get confused about jersey related terminology. In this way, you may get puzzled learning about the type of full dye mens softball jerseys. But, you’ll get rid of this issue if you know what sublimation is and we’ll learn about it along with some other related points that you need to know.

What is Sublimation?

Well, let’s know first about sublimation to make things easy for you. If we say in simple words it’s the process of making a solid element turns into a gas without letting it be liquid. It may be somehow hard to understand for you so let’s get an example in this issue. You might have seen ice or snow becomes fog or steam without getting melted. In the same way, sublimation goes for making things gas from its solid state. Thus, if you think sublimation product it goes at this way. So, when ink gets applied on a jersey it becomes gaseous and it melts in your fabric instead of remaining on the top of it. It’s also the way that screens printing or heat press works.

What Is Full Dye Sublimation?

It’s somehow the latest form of printing on apparel and it’s a bit of difference from the simple sublimation. This is the method that has made us start from printing from scratch. If you want to use this process you need a big size of the printer to print all distinct pieces of your jersey design. The process uses a special paper to apply it for the full dye sublimation items. In this method, your image gets gassed into the polyester fabric as pore by using a large format heat press. When you get the color is locked permanently into the fabric gets cut into the pieces. And then you have to sew the pieces in the right way by using a seamstress.


What are the Advantages of This Latest Process?

The greatest advantage of this process is that you have endless options for art and graphics. Another biggest one is you can use a lot of colors to make unique jerseys or uniforms and your team will love it as well. Also, it’s almost zero percent chance to duplicate your design so you need not to stock patterns. This is because you’ll design your own pattern that it’s personally made for you. When you can use a much more colorful design you need not be bored with the same jersey color of others team. So, this latest process is the great way to make different types of jersey for your team that will be unmatched all ways.

Bottom Line

This way, the advantages of printing and using sublimation full dye jerseys are many more. It’s one of a great way to make your team happy and confident to avail a good result when your team members are contending.


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