ROFX trading robot is quite popular in the trading robot market. Thanks to its website and advanced tools used to make this robot, it has gained prominence. ROFX says you don’t need any special knowledge about forex trading because the robot will do all your work. But can you trust them fully? In this ROFX trading robot review, we discuss what you should and shouldn’t expect from a ROFX trading robot.

About ROFX

ROFX developers developed this robot in 2009 and the company claims it has been profitable since then. It’s a fully automated trading software that works even without human inputs, and it’s based on neural networks.

ROFX Trading Robot Review

The company claims that this robot is a better trader than humans because it solely bases its decisions on actual data not human emotions. It provides all results in real-time. The robot uses self-learning AI to continuously evolve its trading knowledge to gain profit. ROFX is compatible with any broker you choose to use. ROFX is also listed in MyFXbook.

Some of its key features include:

Minimum Risks: ROFX has a stop-loss feature which will block trading at the minimum loss.

No Leverage: ROFX claims to trade with only their own and their customers’ funds.

24/7 Support: Since it’s fully autonomic, it runs all day and all night without human input. They also offer live chat and customer support 24/7.

No Hidden Fees: ROFX is transparent in their costs. They don’t charge any hidden fees.

Return of Funds: You can get the amount of funds that you invested at any time you choose.

When you use the trial period, you will have profit but after performance fees, bank fees, you won’t have much to go home with. But when you gradually upgrade to Gold, and then VIP, that is when the money starts rolling in. You will get the profit or loss at the end of the day. You can get the money with Bitcoin or wire. Or, if you want, you can just invest it again to see a further profit.

ROFX offers data from the last 10 years to show how well they have performed. We suggest you take a look at that before starting to use it. If you want to use ROFX, you will have to open an account on their website. The registration is free. You will then have to invest an amount of money to start trading. You can deposit money through Bitcoin, ACH, or Wire. Once you are done registering and depositing the money, the robot will start working. Keep an eye to see how well it does.


As of writing this article, 67% of reviewer on Trustpilot says that ROFX is excellent. That is a good sign. According to the latest FX robot review, ROFX has a good track record of getting a 10% profit per month. But even so, you should have real knowledge about forex trading so you can know when to back off.


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