Do you know what is a webpage made of? It might be helpful for you to understand the elements of the webpage to make it more effective. That means if you’re a beginner web designer, you’ll find it useful if you the ways a webpage has made of.

Even it can help mid-level designers and web developers to know the checklist to initiate their next projects. So, it’s time to learn how the WebPages and websites made and what contains inside them.

Well, before you start your next webpage making or look for someone as “web developer near me” to hire, know the below things.


It’s the very initial element of a webpage. If you notice, you’ll find most websites come with a header while some others have a menu. And it often stays nearby the navigation links with the logo of a company’s or title of a website.

The header also holds some other useful options like login links and language switchers. It’s anything you desire people to get immediate right of entry to! There is a sticky header for many webpages that follows you even if you scroll down and go to another page.

Clicking the website’s logo often gets you back to its homepage if there is a header on each webpage. It might be small expediency, but it can bring a big difference.


Almost all WebPages come with links that depend on the way you break out the website. Identifying links is easy as they’ll come with text underlined, colored, or different than the normal text.

You have to take steps to make sure that guests know they’re interactive like all other interactive elements. In any case, links play a vital role on a webpage to redirect traffic to other pages or some other websites.


If you’re creating a one-page site, you most likely are heading for including navigation and links to its main pages on the site. Lots of ways are there to make a navigation bar.

You have the option to create it as a straightforward horizontal list keeping pace with the header. Likewise, you can make it vertical menus with the feature of popping out while pressing a button.

Also, it’s easy to make as a dropdown list that comes out during you make a hover link. But, when you design a navigation bar, it should be visible clearly and easy to use on all devices.

Hero Image

If you’re an expert web designer, you know that drawing the attention of the visitors is easy using visual content. As a result, the hero image holds that by fixing a banner exactly at the above of the homepage.

As it’s eye candy, hero images typically incorporate a little publicity about the website or company that’s a call-to-action for their services. This stands for asking your guests to do things like “Download Now” and “Try Free.”

Apart from these things, a webpage also comes with Sidebar, Footer, Learning the Basics, and many more, stated by the Long Island web development professionals.


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