Here are some of the famous bicycle races around the world.

1. Milan-San Remo


This 185-mile bicycle race started back in 1907 and is held every year in March in Italy. This is one of the most famous bicycle races in the world. The roads are mostly flat. However, this race is a genuine test of a rider’s endurance, stamina, strength and riding skills. One of the peculiar traits of this race is that the weather is unpredictable and there may happen anything. Go visit a bike store and get your favorite bike, and start training.

2. Paris-Roubaix


France holds this racing contest every year in April. It was 1896 when this contest kick-started and covers a distance of around 150 miles. Thousands of riders take part in the race and it offers a great source of entertainment to the spectators as well as riders. This is one of the most unpredictable races around the world because of road turns, rough surfaces, bad weather, and mud.

3. Giro d’Italia


Here we have one of the longest bicycle races in the world. Started back in 1909, this race is held every year in May by Italy. The range of the race is 2,000 – 2,200 miles and spans over a period of 21 days. This is truly a long race because its distance is almost equal to the great Tour de France. The race commences with fireworks in the first week and all contestants show their endurance, stamina, and strength.

4. Amgen Tour of California


In this USA bicycle race, thousands of riders participate and it has an amazing route. It starts every year in May and lasts for days. The distance is 650-750 miles. The route of the contest passes through Sierra foothills, coastal redwoods, rolling vineyards, Central Valley farmlands and rugged Coast Ranges making it one of the most important races in the USA.

5. Tour de France


This is one of the most famous and popular bicycle races in the world. Held in France every year in July, the riders cover a whopping distance of 2,000 – 2,200 miles over the period of 21 days. This race is genuinely the best test a rider’s skills. The quality and the level of the contest is so strong that all the best riders around the globe participate in this race. Bike stores get many customers on a regular basis who say we want bikes for Tour de France.

6. Vuelta a España


The venue of this bicycle race in Spain and it started somewhere between August and September every year. 1935 was the first year when this race started. Thousands of riders take part in this amazing race. The routes are not simple, but complex and make difficult for any rider to fight. However, it starts in comfortable weather so a lot of people also turn to enjoy the contests. So, a reliable brand from a bicycle store is important.

7. Hero MTB Race


It is one of the most amazing bicycle races in Asia. Started in 2004, the race has become a great source of entertainment for the Asian people. It has a distance of 500 km and lasts for 8 days. The unexpected roads and untouched parts of Himalaya make it a truly dangerous as well as hard races of the world. The rides go through every type of surface; mud, sand, mountains, rough terrains, flat roads, and loose tracks.


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