People have their individual opinion regarding the way of remote jobs done including me. But, nobody talks about why and how the full time remote jobs beat the traditional office work.

For example, if we talk about the Hubstaff, it earns more than $2.5 million after its first three years by working remote workers. So, we can definitely say that getting the decision of making a remote working team was the single largest factor in their success.

In this case, we already talked much about the ways of making a remote team and how to find remote jobs. But, today we’re with a completely different topic that will educate about a new thing. Throughout this content, we’ll show you how a remote working team and remote jobs can beat the regular office-based works.

Why Remote Jobs Are the Great Choice for Startups

Not just the individual workers, many companies are going through the way of remote works widely than any previous time. In this case, the report says, about 23% of workers doing some of the work remotely.

At the same time, another report says that the percentage is much higher, which has increased up to 79% since the last decade. Many reasons encourage companies to choose the remote working team.

It’s largely found in the arena of digital agencies, software startups, and dev stores. Well, let’s know what the benefits are attracting people to work remotely and making remote workers’ teams.

Cost Savings & Productivity

While companies are going to the remote working process, they save lots of bucks. It’s because they don’t need a physical office to work in. If we look at Hubstaff once again, it saves more than $100K every year in many ways.

The ways include leasing fees, utilities, in-house IT, and many other expenses. Also, better and bigger examples are out there of saving costs, though. Forbes reported that Aetna shed over 2.7 million sq feet of space for their physical office and saved $78 million while working with remote worker’s teams.

Likewise, American Express has reported saving more than $10 million because of its remote operations. Overhead is a point of discussing for all that makes sense. But, saving money is the real kicker if you talk with logic when it comes to your business.

Remote Workers Accomplish More Things Done

The idea of getting more things done by remote workers is not something that we just believe blindly. The matter has backed by some reports and data of some remote working companies. This is nothing to be wondered that remote workers are more productive.

When it comes to the traditional offices, they’re just freaking distracting. The reason is that you’re in the way of too accessible in a physical office. People are coming to your workplace, you’re going to meetings, and there is background noise with constant chatter.

Bottom Line

Among other advantages, while working through a remote team, you can access to amazing talents. It’s because you have the opportunity to choose from worldwide. Thus, it’s better to choose remote workers than stationed ones.


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