The importance of using the PACS on your smart devices like the smartphone is many. It’s because mobile devices are going to be in the central position of the communications in the future. So, if you have a PACS that doesn’t support access to mobile, you have to take the right action.

The issue is not regarding the one PACS radiology login, it’ll affect your productivity. That means if you have a PACS without mobile access, you can’t use it remotely. This is why you should choose a PACS that will enable you to access your mobile device to be most out of the solution.

Now, let’s know a bit more about why you should get the accessibility of a PACS on your mobile.

The Requirements of the Current Physician

The way of working of the doctors has changed widely and the change is getting continuously. The biggest reason is that physicians like to find ways how to become more productive. Another reason is that they’re constantly on the move and try to visit more patients even when they’re on a busy day.

As a result, they get less time to sit before their computer. Also, people expect that doctors should be available whenever they contact over the phone. But, it’s challenging to be available always if they don’t have access to their PACS over their mobile phone.

This is why it’s crucial to get mobile access to imaging studies to help their patients taking care properly. Getting access to their office needs regularly when they’re staying in office. But, they need mobile users when they’re in round or some other hospitals.

So, it’s almost an unavoidable matter to get used to mobile PACS in the world of hyper connection. In this case, storing information centrally is a great idea. It’ll allow you to use the images and records from different locations instead of just one.

Most professionals keep their phones with them for the most time as they need someone. In the same way, they can use their PACS when someone contacts them for any issue. Also, they have a feature to share something when they need to send some consultants or other doctors.

Why Your Vendor Offers Don’t Offer It

As a physician, you might have experienced the frustration of the inability of accessing the PACS on your mobile. Some reasons are out there that resist medical facilities from upgrading their system to provide mobile access.

The first reason is that no one of them truly justifies the lack of enthusiasm to stay state-of-the-art. Another reason is it’s not very easy to add the access of mobile on a PACS system that’s in a place for years.

Final Thought

It doesn’t mean that this is impossible to do. Also, some imaging centers worry about HIPAA compliance and security while considering using medical studies on mobile. However, this is an issue that they can overcome easily.

And all of them are not the same. You’ll find many vendors have updated their systems to offer the best in any way like stationed and mobile use coping with the difference between DICOM and PACS.


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