Buffet catering services are a type of catering service where the food is set up in hot dishes on tables. People form a line and help themselves with the servings. Buffet catering has become quite popular these days. If you are going to start the business soon, you need to know some tips on setting the finest buffet table. The goal is to impress the event attendees with your food, table setups and presentation. Here are some ideas that would help you manage the foodservice and entertain your guests.

1. Placing The Dishes

Setting up the buffet table should be done in such a way that it appeals to the guests. Keep the alignment of the dishes proper, so it looks well-arranged and not messy. You can stack books or wooden slabs under the table cloth to create an elevated look for your dishes. You can use serving trays as well. Serving trays are best for dirty dishes as it prevents oil, sauce, broths from spilling or dripping on the tablecloth.

2. Identify Dishes

Another important aspect is to keep in mind the dietary restrictions of the attendees. When you are crafting a menu for everyone, be sure to consider your guests’ dietary preferences and restrictions. Labelling all the dishes about the ingredients would help them make a conscious choice.

3. Matching It Up

People prefer disposable paper napkins over fabric napkins because it’s much easier to toss into the rubbish bin. You can use fabric napkins too if you like. Fold the napkins properly and set the plates and glasses right. Matching the table cloth with your napkins and tableware can make the table look more put-together and polished.

4. Arrange Food from Least to Most Expensive

This is a great tip! Arranging food from least to most expensive gives the guests an idea of what and how much to eat. If guests are trying to control their portions munching on salads and appetizers would fill them up and thus they would be reaching less for heavy dishes. This tip can also help cut down the cost.

5. Serve Juices and Desserts in Mason Jars

Serving juices, smoothies and desserts in mason jars is a trend now thanks to Instagram. It’s pleasing to the eye and adorable seeing colourful desserts in a mason jar. Even in a serious environment like catering services for corporate events, serving drinkies and desserts in these jars can loosen the tight atmosphere a bit and provides more ease. You can decorate the jars with strings or ribbons to amp up the glam.

6. Create an Alluring Backdrop for Pictures and Videos

Taking pictures of beautiful places, areas and posting it on Instagram is very common nowadays. That’s why you need to make your decoration alluring as well as soothing. Start by deciding the theme and colours of the event. While you are selecting the theme, it’s good to keep the occasion you are holding a buffet catering for in mind. For instance, a wedding event can be all fun and glamourous while a business event needs to be subtler and less bold.

There you go, six tips for setting a great buffet table. By the way, the pictures and videos aren’t entirely useless. Many food and catering companies put these pictures as portfolios on their websites for catering as well. You can either hire your own event photographer or ask your guests if they can share some images with your company which can be uploaded on your catering website.


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