real estate investment platform
best real estate investment platform

Real estate is one of the most popular and profitable investment strategies, but it can also be very expensive.

Depending on where you live and what kind of property you want to buy, you may have to spend hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars to acquire a real estate asset.

However, not all real estate is created equal. There are different types of real estate that vary in price, quality, demand, and potential return.

Some types of real estate are cheaper than others, but they may also come with more risks and challenges.

If you are looking for the cheapest type of real estate to invest in, you may be wondering what your options are.

In this article, we will explore some of the most affordable real estate categories and how to find them using the best real estate investment platform.

What Is the Cheapest Type of Real Estate?

The answer to this question depends on several factors, such as:

  • The location and market conditions of the property
  • The size and condition of the property
  • The type and quality of the property
  • The financing and transaction costs of the property

Generally speaking, the cheapest type of real estate is the one that has low demand, low value, and high supply.

This means that there are more sellers than buyers, and the sellers are willing to accept lower prices to sell their properties quickly.

Some examples of cheap types of real estate are:

Distressed Properties

These are properties that are in poor condition, facing foreclosure, or owned by motivated sellers who need to sell fast.

Distressed properties can be found at auctions, short sales, or through wholesalers. They can offer great discounts, but they may also require extensive repairs and renovations.

Vacant land

This is land that has no structures or improvements on it. Vacant land can be found in rural areas, undeveloped regions, or areas with low population growth.

Vacant land can be very cheap, but it may also have low appreciation potential, high maintenance costs, and zoning restrictions.

Mobile homes

These are prefabricated homes that can be moved from one place to another. Mobile homes can be found in mobile home parks, campgrounds, or private lots.

Mobile homes can be very affordable, but they may also have high depreciation rates, limited financing options, and stigma issues.

Tiny houses

These are small houses that typically range from 100 to 400 square feet. Tiny houses can be built on wheels, foundations, or trailers.

Tiny houses can be very cheap to build and maintain, but they may also have limited space, functionality, and legal acceptance.

real estate investment platform
real estate investment platform

How to Find the Cheapest Type of Real Estate Using the Best Real Estate Investment Platform?

Finding the cheapest type of real estate can be challenging if you don’t know where to look or how to analyze the properties.

You may end up wasting time and money on properties that are not worth investing in.

That’s why you need a reliable and powerful tool that can help you find and evaluate the cheapest type of real estate for your investment goals.

That tool is Mashvisor, the best real estate investment platform on the market.

Mashvisor is an online platform that allows you to search for properties across the US using various filters and criteria.

You can find properties by location, price range, property type, size, condition, occupancy status, listing status, and more.

Mashvisor also provides you with comprehensive data and analytics on each property, such as:

  • Property description and photos
  • Property value and price history
  • Rental income and expenses
  • Cash flow and cash on cash return
  • Cap rate and occupancy rate
  • Neighborhood data and comparables
  • Rental strategy and optimal rental price

With Mashvisor, you can easily find the cheapest type of real estate that suits your budget and preferences.

You can also compare different properties and markets to find the best deals and opportunities.

Mashvisor also offers other features that can help you with your real estate investment journey, such as:

  • Property finder: A tool that uses machine learning algorithms to find properties that match your criteria and goals.
  • Heatmap: A tool that uses color coding to show you the best performing areas in a city based on your chosen metric.
  • Calculator: A tool that allows you to customize your own inputs and assumptions to calculate the return on investment of any property.
  • Mashmeter: A tool that gives you a score from 0% to 100% based on how good a property is for investing.
  • Blog: A resource that provides you with valuable information and tips on various aspects of real estate investing.


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