This post with tips and tricks will help you save money when travelling to Australia.

1. Getting There

As you plan your trip to Australia, you should do some research about the hotels and places where you will live. Furthermore, book your flights with a service that offers discounts. Travel during low seasons so that you can save more money. Don’t get taxi from the airport but use public transport and pickup service of your hotels or hostels. Also, if you want a phone or sim, it’s better to choose pay as you go mobile phone plans.

2. Live in Hostels

According to the travel experts and different sites, hotels in Australia are really expensive. They can prove pricy for a tourist who is looking for options on budget. You should rather try private hostels. There are hundreds of hostels that offer cheap and better accommodation than hotels. You will have to eat at a place where the local do.

3. Make Your Own Food

Similarly, food in Australia is not so cheap. You will end up losing all of your money if you go out and eat at hotels and restaurants. Even the local shops are bit expensive. The best option is to make your own food. If you are going there for 2-3 days, buy items from a local store and cook food in the hostel. This will prove really cheap and you can save some money for other expenses.

4. Cheaper Liquor Store

In Australia, people call the liquor shop as Bottle-O. These are small shops located in every street. What makes them so special is the low price for drinks and liquor. You will find bars charging a lot of money from the locals as well as tourists so that can prove expensive for you. when you have to save some money, go to a Bottle-O.

5. Use Greyhound Buses

Travelling in Australia is not really cheap. There are private cabs and rides sharing services. But you will see they have higher charges. The better and more sustainable option is to travel by Greyhound Buses. They are really affordable and common in Australia. You will enjoy traveling on these buses as locals use them very often.

6. Spend Time with Nature

Australia is home to beautiful places, natural parks, gardens, islands, museums and other recreational places. But you should spend more time in nature. This will help you save a lot of money just as using pay as you go mobile phone plans, and will make your trip more economical. Other places have tickets so you may end up spending more there.

Difference Between Pay as You Go and Prepaid

Prepaid is what phone users pay in advance to use the services of a carrier. You can enjoy minutes or call plans until you have credit in your SIM card. When the credit ends, you will not be able to enjoy those services.

Whereas mobile plans with international calls are similar but different somehow. In this method, you pay for minutes like you get a card with a certain time amount and limit for use. You can use those minutes until it expires. For this, you will not need to have credit in the account.


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