When you’re starting to focus on the interior walls of your house, you’re thinking about some commercial painting contractors. It’s because it probably isn’t looking like the way that you think it should be. That’s why it’s the time to make an upgrade of your interior walls with painting.

In this case, you like to get just the right painting color for your house with the help of residential painting services regardless it’s a new house or you want to upgrade it. So, if you want to make you and your family smile every time when you enter your house, you’ll have to know the current trends of paint color. So, let’s know about the color trends of this year.

Living Coral

It’s the top trends and has been chosen as the “Color of the Year” of Pantone, the Living Coral. This is the bright color that will remind you of the sea coral, but it might not be the best choice for the entire room. However, if you’re avid of bright color then you may go by all of your means for it.

Also, you can use it for any design or wall as an amazing accent color. You’ll find its different pallets displaying other colors and you can use them with Living Coral. 


If you’re looking for a beautiful paint color with stale gray, you can choose Blueprint S470-5 as you one. As they like to help you choose their color, you’ll get their different palettes to choose from.

Also, there is an option to make your own one while using this paint color. In this issue, you’ll find there some how-to product videos to find out your preferred color for your house. 


When you’re in search of cool undertones with stylish gray, you can choose Metropolitan AF-690 as your color. You’ll be able to reflect the sophisticated design of 21st-century while using this paint color.

Also, they want to help you to see their paint color in various designs. For example, they pair this color with 15 different colors in different ways to portray your home in the best way.

Keep in Mind While Picking Paint Colors

After choosing your desired colors, you should make sure to take some essential things to your concentration. These include your current furnishings, artwork on the walls, and samples. When it comes to the furnishings, you can easily find out colors coordinating with them.

If you make the artwork on the walls, it’ll make more attractive to look at them. Another important thing is sampling that you should do obviously before apply one all of your walls.

Two Rules to Follow

 The first one is the “Rule of Three” and it sounds to stick with only these three colors. If you want to go the way of color choice, then it’s a true and proven method.

Alternatively, the second rule is the “60-30-10 Ratio Rule” that ensure you the colors in the space uniformly balanced. Here the three instances are the respectively dominant color, a secondary color, and accent color.


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