It may sound bizarre if you ignore the needs of HITECH and consider the requirements of the doctors to reach their goals. In this issue, we have done large research and we have defined that EHR and medical imaging system should add to get the results that the doctors want.

We know that many organizations are not going to change their EHR systems. Also, they’re out of the position to change their imaging modalities. Along with financial realities, we think they’re not spending any money unnecessarily to bring change to their current working system.

Regardless you’re using DICOM viewer for Macintosh or some other OS, you should know some tips to get the connection with EHR and medical imaging systems. Check them out below:

EHR System Should Support the Link of API

It doesn’t mean we’re talking to change your EHR system entirely. Some of the EHR vendors are maintaining an API to use the apps of third parties. This is a method of integrating URL is API in simple explanation.

It helps you to get an image viewer with zero-footprint. That means it doesn’t need an additional app to view your image files. So, when your EHR vendors had decided to go nicely with yours, ensure your imaging system makes you sure to identify the images if they come with a particular patient via a link.

Image Viewer of a Zero-Footprint

You can keep things simpler. How? When you have completed the above steps, you have a zero-footprint viewer for your patients’ images. The term ‘zero foot-print’ stands to you’re free of getting a wait for every time after requesting an image.

The wait happens due to some bigger apps that need more time to load. Instead, you have to access images using the latest web browsers. If you use a viewer, it should be approved by the FDA for diagnosis.

Single Signup Set of ID Entered One Time

When you need to view the medical images using the EHR, you don’t need to enter the credentials frequently. If someone has the authorization to access the images, it should be enough security to observe their images.

You also should choose the imaging system that has passed on the API and they have used to view the linked image. Besides, you should avoid using to stuff images in the same location where you store your patients’ data.

Even some databases don’t accept them. You’ll get much richer viewing of your medical image while maintaining your patients’ image in DICOM in the PACS. However, you should have the PACS that accommodate non-DICOM images.

Portable Patient Images & Data Accessible Anywhere & Anytime

With the advancement of the tech, the days have gone when doctors read their patients’ images on a light box. Now, most of the medical images are digital.

If you have digital images then they should be accessible from anywhere and anytime. And it has been made possible due to the innovation of PACS and DICOM file viewer.


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